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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry


Kseniya Pak
2017-08-12 16:33
I would like to improve physical attractiveness of the lower part of my face (below the eye line), excluding the nose. My strong preference is for treatments that can be done under local anesthesia (OK with sedation) and do not involve prolonged (longer than a few weeks) recovery time. I may consider surgery under general anesthesia only if there are no other methods available to achieve essential results. I would like to avoid any serious bone surgery that carries risk of nerve damage and involves breaking facial bone structures.
I'd like to get suggestions from your team on what medical procedures will be most relevant to my case, preferably in the order of their effectiveness on esthetic improvement.

I've been undergoing orthodontic treatment to correct malocclusion and bimaxillary protrusion since March 2016. The treatment is expected to finish in the first half of next year. At the start of the treatment my four premolars were removed and the gaps that appeared are closing now. My specialist is using temporary anchoring devices (mini-implants) in the course of the treatment.

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