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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

American Woman facial surgery

D. Kennedy
2017-08-18 13:55

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Country : USA , United States of America

E-Mail : kennedy.dajanae@yahoo.com

Phone : +15046690450

Hello , I have a few things I want to change on my face. I would like to improve my features at your clinic . However I'm not sure which surgeries would suit my problems.

1) my forehead is a little long . I like the shape of my hairline but I just wish it was lower so that my forehead wouldn't look so long.

2) my left brow arches higher than the other . You can especially see it when I smile and it gives my face an awkward look. And the hair is not a problem it's the actual bone/ muscles underneath that is making my eyebrow arch like that.

3) my eyes are beginning to sink in . I love my original eye shape but I want my eyes to look not sunken

4) the skin around my eyes is very dark on top and underneath . Looks like a panda's a little sometimes

5) underneath my eyes is a wrinkle line going parallel to my nose making the eyes look aged

6) the area between the bottom of my nose and the top of my lip is too far apart .  I like the shape of my nose but its too short . I want it to be a little closer to my lip.

7) the area above my lip protrudes too much . I want it to be flatter. It appears swelled and can make it look like I have a mustache.

8) around my mouth I have wrinkles or smile lines , frown lines

9) I have double chin fat underneath my chin

10) a few cm/inches above my jaw line my face is fat . Saggy bottom cheek area. giving a bloated appearanc I want that to be more lifted.

Thank you so much and get back to me as soon as possible , D . Kennedy

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