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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Please, Help me.

2017-08-24 20:31
Country : Brazil

E-Mail : elualt3@gmail.com

Phone : +55 889 97886475


Hi everyone ^^

Well, for a long time I've come to feel that I no longer belong to this body. Not because I'm a trans person or something, but because I can not feel comfortable with him any more, by looking in the mirror and seeing that there is no beauty. I always find my nose ugly and big, my jaw fat, my eyes and eyebrows are uneven (the right being smaller than the left), the lower left part of my lips is also uneven, which makes me very uncomfortable.

I've known the world of plastic surgery through the Glee series, and then through Park Bom, and I feel that's the way I want to go to be happy. I met the hospital through instagram and seeing your work, I feel that I can trust my face without fear. Please respond and if possible, give me some budget so that I can prepare myself. Thank you for your work.
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