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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Interest in Body Contouring/Liposuction

2017-08-28 01:24
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Country : Thailand

E-Mail : kattariya@hotmail.com

Phone : 66895128686


I would like ask about the liposuction treatment. I am Eurasian (half european half asian), so I guess naturally I am larger than most Asians. I have a lot of excess fat in my thighs/butt area and a lot is concentrated on my stomach and abdominal area. I have one child via c-section (one year ago), but my pregnancy did not change anything about the elasticity of my skin on my belly area. Its perfectly normal, and I did end up losing all of the pregnancy weight. I have a very small face, which doesn't fit much with my larger body mass, and also quite large breasts (which I am fine with). I would like to also do liposuction on my arms. So the problem area is mainly thighs, butt, abs, and arms.

Is it possible to get the surgery done at once? How much time will I need in Korea, and is the pain manageable for such an extensive procedure? Judging from the photos, could you please offer some advice and a potential quote. How long does the process take to make an appointment?
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