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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:Nose and eye

2017-09-01 17:24
Hello Thank you for contacting ID hospital!!!

First, If you have had previous surgery, please specify what types of surgeries you have had and the dates of the surgeries. Please also specify your age and if you have had any major medical history.

Please note that the recommendations made are purely from your sent photos alone and for more accurate recommendation it requires a face-to-face consultation with our staffs and doctor; as well as possible x-ray and CT scan for more accurate understanding of your bone structure.

Based on the picture, Forehead reduction, Bambi eye surgery and Barbie line nose surgery is highly recommended.

Bambi eyes surgery starts at 5.5 million KRW (4900 US $ with current rates)


Barbie line nose surgery starts at 5 million KRW  (4450 US $ With current rates)


Forehead reduction

6.5million KRW (5790 US $ with current rates)


Please also note, if there is a different recommendation by the doctor during consultation there will be a change in price.

If you send us deposit before you come to make sure you get the best doctor for your surgery on your preferred day, we will also provide an airport pick-up and hotel booking assistance at special price (fee is not included). The deposit is 1000 US dollars . You can pay by wire transfer or by paypal for the deposit and pay the rest of the money in Korea before the surgery. ( dollar, won, credit card all accepted)

You are required to stay in Korea at least 2 weeks after the surgery.

If you have other inquiries , do not hesitate to ask again. Thank you.
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