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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Multiple surgeries at once. Quote please!

2017-09-05 01:09
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Country : England

E-Mail : yesyes1996@gmail.com

Phone : 07949565656


Hi ID Hospital,

My name is Alex and I am interested in getting a plastic surgery done.

I am considering to get plastic surgery done in the following areas:

Nose (I have a big nose, with a large hump and a large tip - I want a small girly nose)

V-Line (my chin is quite square but nothing unusual, its not large or anything. I like how V-Line looks)

Hair Transplant (my hair loss is very noticeable. It is above my forehead from both sides left an right. The middle bit above my forehead is fine and I am able to use it to cover up the hair lose that is located on the left and right side above my forehead)

Eyes (my eyes look sleepy and always tired and angry/unhappy. I guess maybe lifting bottom lid of the eyes would help Also I am not asian I am white so my eyes are different and will need a different surgery I think )

I am a university student from England and will be able to travel to Korean next year in Summer. I need to know how much money I have to save up and bring with me to get these plastic surgeries done. I understand prices vary and depend on the surgery (how easy and how hard). However, if you could provide me with a rough estimate of how much money I need to save up, would be amazing because I don't want to travel all the way to Korea to find out I don't have enough money. 🙁

Also, would you be able to provide a discount of some sort as I am getting multiple surgeries done? Maybe you do a Full Face surgery that costs cheaper rather than getting all the surgeries individually.

Please, I really need this. Any help and any information helps.

Many Thanks,

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