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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Rhinoplasty Revision and Jawline Chin Augmentation Inquiry

2017-09-06 16:45
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Country : Canada

E-Mail : roderick.concepcion@gmail.com

Phone :1-949-228-2459

My Concerns:

I had a Rhinoplasty (with Gortex implant) 10 years ago and I would like to have it revised. I think it is slanted and not well shape especially my nasal tip is droopy. I want to have a little higher bridge, pointed nasal tip and narrow nostril. I want a little bit on a feminine look.

I would like to inquire about what are the services and options I could have if I want to improve my chin and jaw/mandible line. I want to have a strong and prominent jaw line.

Planned date and duration on visit : I am thinking of visiting Korea by early next year like February or March. How long do you think should I stay?

Please do let me know the qoute or how much the cost of the procedure and the modes or way of payment (credit cards, paypal ?) Also realistically how long should I stay in Korea so I could plan my trip. Thank you so much
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