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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry


2017-09-11 00:47
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Country : australia

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My name is Huynh,

I am not happy with my face for years because I felt like my face is a bit wide and my nose is not the way I want it… also I am not happy with my smile, and now comes the time that I for sure will get plastic surgery in Korea in a few months time. I have attached pictures of my face and in the picture showing my smile. There are some pictures of my teeth and x-ray pictures as well. I have also attached pictures of a male model I want to look like so that would help for the doctor/surgeon to get an idea of what I am after.


I am currently living in Australia and is planning to get braces for my teeth first over here in Melbourne Australia for improvement of my smile and facial structure.

I am also planning to get plastic surgery in Korea about 10months after I put on the braces..

I have not put braces on my teeth yet because I want to ask the doctor over in korea first before I do anything.

I have asked a few orthodontics here in Australia about my teeth and they have taken photos and xray or my teeth and jaw. I have told them that I want to get plastic surgery  and braces. So they advise me that i should get braces for about 10months and after that do the surgery with my braces still on. And then about 6 months later my braces will be taken off after my face heal up. But the orthodontics for my teeth here advise me to ask the doctor in korea to look at my face first and advise to me exactly what job I need to do on my face. After I have an answer from the doctor over in korea and know exactly what my face needs… I will tell my orthodontics for my teeth over here in Australia so they would know how to position my braces ready for the plastic surgery in Korea when the times come.


Please advise me what my face needs to be done in order for the outcome that I want, and also may you please ask the doctor in korea my plan to get braces before the surgery? And what do they recommend I should do in order to get the best result as possible and might save me time regarding my plan about the braces. What do they recommend I should do and the steps to get the result I wanted.


I have not found a doctor or a hospital in Korea yet, so I am looking and asking around. Someone I know recommend me your clinic so I thought I will ask the doctor here to see what they think. May you please give me a price quote as well too please?


Thank you
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