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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:Re:Rhinoplasty & Acculift

2017-09-14 00:40
Thank you for your quick response and thorough explanation of both procedures.

So for the Rhinoplasty, the surgeon can remove the Artecoll filler that I have and perform the surgery at the same time?

I would like to know the cost and recommended stay in Korea for V-line surgery. If I only have 8 days in Korea, can Accusculpt get rid of the unwanted fat from my face permanently? And for the whole face is including my chin or it will be another procedure? My time will be limited in Korea so I need to make sure I can do both procedures in 8 days. Please advise.

I am also interested in fat grafting for under my eye areas. please provide me with the cost and recommended stay for this too. Thank you.


Scarlett T.
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