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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:surgery costs

2017-09-28 14:19
Hello Thank you for contacting ID Hospital

In regards to the skin care , we have several laser programs or  skin care programs which can be recommended. Our dermatilogist can give you a recommendation during the face to face consultation.

Please note that most of the skin treatments require minimum 5 sessions to be effective ( once session per month )

The price is different depends on which treatment you'll get but just to give you a rough idea , E2 laser ( Fraxel laser) starts at 80,0000KRW per session(780US$).
Forehead reduction 

Our forehead reduction has effect of hair line lowering as well.

The doctor incises right below the scalp in zigzag shape, and removes about 1~3cm of skin.

Then the incision area is stitched up and endotine is used to fix the skin to the right position, thus the incision area doesn’t open up due to pressure again. Endotine naturally disappears in the body after fixing the skin for a while.

Forehead reduction starts at 6.5 million KRW (6000 USD)

ID Bikini breast augmentation

Our mobile webpage http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/bikini

<Special features>

1. No blood bag!

We have breast augmentation specialist doctor who has numerous experiences. With his highly advanced skills, the surgery time is minimized, avoiding unnecessary bleeding. Thus unlike other hospital, uncomfortable blood bag is not required after surgery!

2. No compressive Garment!

We use FULL HD breast surgery endoscope to minimize the incision, thus wearing compressive garment is not required because the implant will not move or be twisted inside. This FULL HD equipment is only at 2 or 3 plastic surgery hospital in Korea.

3. No hospitalization!

No hospitalization required from short surgery time, accurate incision and minimal bleeding.

<Surgical steps>

1. Full health examination before the surgery

We run more than 50 pre-tests and examination for your safety. We will analyze your health situation accurately and prepare most safe environment for the surgery.

2. Minimized pain

We give injection between ribs for anesthesia in order to minimize patient's pain. You'll feel 57% less pain during and after surgery.

3. Preventing capsular contracture

We prevent possible side effect such as capsular contracture by our special hygiene system of implant room and cocktail antibiotic injection.

4. Free after care treatments for the best result

ID FACE DIET – Multiple Lymph massage, Heal light, High frequency and Infrared light care sessions provided

ID dermatology - We'll also take care of the scars from incision! Don't worry about the harsh scars from surgery.

Our Bikini Breast surgery starts at 9.5~11 million KRW, depending on implant.

Price is all inclusive of airport pick-up, hotel booking assistance (fee is not included) car services between hotel and hospital, pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, etc…

You're required to stay in Korea at least 7~14 days for this procedure.

Our doctor would love to recommend you most suitable implant and detailed surgical plan at person-to-person consultation, considering your height, current breast size, desired shape, thickness of skin tissue and skin elasticity etc.

Please see amazing before & after photos here!

http://eng.idhospital.com/media/media0206.php?cat_id=a (PC)

http://m.eng.idhospital.com/board/sbna/view/cno/17 (Mobile)

Check out our videos on Youtube!


If you wish to visit our hospital, Please do not hesitate to contact us again. Thank you .
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