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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:For softer and youthful features due to aging

2017-10-17 17:07
Hello This is ID Hospital


The best recommendation which can be given to you is facial bone related surgery but since you mentioned that you don't want those kinds of surgeries, I would say bambi eye surgery to make your eyes look bigger and younger and full face fat graft to create volume  on the sunken part of your face.




Bambi eye surgery


The price starts at 5.5 million KRW

You are required to stay in Korea at least 1 week.




Fat graft

Any area with excess fat tissue, such as thigh or abdominal region, will be removed, isolated, and centrifuged.

The processed fat tissue will then be administered to the area of interest via injection. Since the fat tissue comes from your own body, your body will not recognize the fat tissue as foreign materials which may cause immune responses.
Once the fat tissue is injected, it can provide more than enough resilience, volume, and younger looking expression to the overall face structure.


Please see detailed procedure and amazing before & after photos here!


http://m.eng.idhospital.com/main_surgerys/nano (Mobile)

http://eng.idhospital.com/eye/eye030402.php (PC)


ID’s Nano fat graft starts at 2.3 million KRW per area, 4 million KRW for whole face.


You're required to stay in Korea for 7 days after the surgery for following check-up and treatments.


Price is inclusive of pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan), post-op treatments fee, anesthesia fee, hospitalization fee (if required) etc.


If the surgery total exceeds 3 million KRW and you send us deposit before you come to make sure you get the best doctor for your surgery on your preferred day, we will also provide an airport pick-up and hotel booking assistance at special price (fee is not included).



Survival rate


Survival rate of fat at ID hospital is high since we use 'Nano cannula' which has the thickness of 0.8mm~0.4mm only. (21~27gauge)

Fat will not disappeared easily since the fat is injected through artery. Thus, there is very low chance of infection or dermal necrosis.



If you wish to make a booking, I 'm here to assist you. Thank you.


Best Regards,

ID Hospital
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