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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:V shaped cheek and laser resurfacing

2017-10-27 11:42

1: have my cheeks v-shaped, perfectly chiseled.
The cheek implants do not give chiseled looks, they are for the front part of the cheekbones, so they will not give you that effect if that is what you are going for.

2: have laser resurfacing for my face to look like 15- 20 years back. I have seen very good results from laser resurfacing.
Dermatology procedures require face to face consultation here in order to determine a treatment plan for the patient, so we cannot give details about it without the doctor examining your skin. When you come for surgery, you can also visit our dermatology for a consultation.

Please respond through email, and please do not upload any more posts here.

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