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2017-10-30 09:39

  1. Hi i'd like to enquire as you can see I have a very wide and big face that's really angular as I have a cleft chin so my face is very asymetrical is there any way to correct this using facial contouring as Im scared with two jaw as I know its really dangerous. Id also like to get rid of facial fat in my cheeks as i have really chubby cheeks and around my jawline and double chin . Id also like to whiten my skin . im having my nose job in the UK as it will be easier but if I was to get it in Korea how much would is cost and what would be needed to be done Im still undecided. So if you could give an approximate cost that would be great and would you pick me up from the hospital when I arrive and q could you give details on the surgery I'll need itself sorry for the long request.if you email me I'll send photos as they are not uploading. I'd also like to enquire about the lip fillers and how much they would cost as i want my top lip slightly bigger than my bottom lip. I also would like to know about the lip cornersurgery as my lips look drippy and make it look like frowning is there any way I could raise my lip corners. Also would you recommend any other surgery for me I'd like to think about more surgeries that could correct my face. I'm also from the uk and 18 so I'm in university so I'll only be able to come to Korea for about a month is it possible to have all of this done in a month I'd like to have my surgeries a week apart or so but have my first surgery really quickly after my consultation . I've also read that you have to wait a while after surgery for accu so is it possible to have my facial fat removed within that month I have the surgery again I'm sorry for the long request but being a foreigner its hard to choose the right clinic and I know Asia is a good place for surgery.

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