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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Revision eyes

2017-11-21 20:20
Good morning,

I am a returning customer. I ve done the fat grafting in your clinic before.
I am interested now in a revision eyelid surgury. I would like to make a lateral hotz cantoplasty and a new blepharoplasty (LIKE THE last 2 PHOTOS) with the correction of the scar.
What is personal advice of a surgeon? I have already undergone 5 plastic surgeries on my eyes previously, including: blepharoplasty, magic epicantoplasty, lateral cantoplasty, ptosis correction - but my eyes by today are uneven which causes me problems to apply make up and overally doesn't look beautiful or satisfying to me ( the last 2 times I requested the bleparoplasty and ptosis correction - the surgeant forgot to do the blepahoplasty first time and the ptosis for the second surgery. Now the result is my eyelids are uneven and overall not like the photo I asked)
can you do that and can I have a virtual possible result to see in advance?

The last surgery was done on 01/June/2017

The first couple photos is me now, with make up and also you can see unevenness and scar.

Many Thanks
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