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Breast Surgery Inquiry

2017-12-06 12:34

I am interested in Breast Surgery and had a few questions. Based on the pictures attached:
What type of Breast Implant (Fat Transfer / Saline / Silicone / Cohesive Silicone) would you recommend and why?

if implant:

• What kind of Shell will be used (shape/material/texture)?

• Where on the body would be the incision be to insert the implant?

How long would the procedure be?

Who would be the doctor performing the surgery?

How long would the recovery time be?

How many post-operation visits would there be & what is the time in between these visits?

What would be the post-operation care provided to assist with healing?

What is the price?

Is there a hotel nearby that is recommended?

if I am interested in the surgery (early-mid January 2018), how much notice would be required before the surgery to secure a surgery date.

Thank you in advance.

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