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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Over All Total Face and Body Make Over

Adonis Antolines
2017-12-31 22:12

Good Day, i am one of the avid fan of LET ME IN Thailand from the Philippines and my name is Adonis D. Antolines 32 yrs old. When i was a child ive dream to become a celebrity but in reality my dream is still a dream. Ive always wanted to be a good looking guy because ive feel discriminated when someone Bullying me and said that i am ugly.

I WISH to inquire if id Hospital accomodate my DREAM, and this is it ive writing my message thru online consultation. If someone sponsored me i am very much willing to undergo a total make over..

I want to enhance my face, my eyes, my nose, my eye brows, my chin, my SKIN( whitening and clear from the scar), my Tummy, my Butt,

But if i have a Enough Money i want to know how much its cost if im starting to save now..

And for your reference il attached my picture for your perusal and hoping for positive response or reply about my inquiry. AS of now thats all. Thank you so much. Happy New Year 2018.
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