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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Need a liplift revision + orthognatic or lip reduction ?

2018-01-02 07:12
Dear Id Hospital,

I desperately need your help, I can't continu to live like this, I am so depressed.
I had a modifed bullhorn lip lift 1 month ago with very poor sutures. Only the center part was lifted, about 9mm of skin was removed  and now the center part of upper lip looks too much lifted and puffy and the mouth corners looks down.
Also, I had skin removed inside the nostrils, without suturing.

My main concerns now are the scars. Inside the nostrils, they are visible and make my face looking scary.
Also , my nasolabial lines show more, maybe because of my mouth protrusion ?

What should I do please ? I can't see my boyfriend like this, and I can't go to work or just go outside.

Please tell me there is a hope for me, please tell me there is a way to repair my face.

What operation should I have ?
I though I should have an Alarplasty/nostrils reduction + mouth protrusion surgery or upper lip reduction ?

Please let me know when I can have surgery as soon as possible ? It's urgent, as I really can't have a social life now, and feel emotionally so depressed.
I can go to Korea anytime.

Thank you in advance for your help,
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