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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Rhinoplasty and V-line Surgery

2018-03-19 12:49

I'm planning to go to South Korea to get surgery in the next few years. I wanted to get a rhinoplasty as well as facial contouring to make the lower half of my face slimmer and more symmetrical. Right now, my chin skews to my left, so my face does not look the same from both sides. My hair is a little crazy in the photos, and I'm sorry about the heavy shadows (the camera flash was very bright), but you can see how the left side of my jaw is shorter than my right. I am also thinking of enhancing my upper lip, but I'm not entirely sure what would look most balanced. I was wondering what types of procedures would be recommended for me in order to achieve a balanced look as well as the costs of each. I want the changes to look natural so I will still be recognizable to other people.

Also, I had a question in terms of skin treatments. I have large pores around my nose area that I've been wanting to fix and was wondering if skin treatments can be done in combination with plastic surgery or if taking care of my skin problems is something I should do beforehand. Would it still be safe to get skin treatments later on in life after I've had cosmetic surgery on my face?

One more thing I wanted to address was recovery time. I would want to be sure that my recovery was going well, and since I would be flying from America, how long is it recommended I stay before flying back home?

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