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Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Plastic surgery Price inquiry

Re:Forehead reduction and facial contouring

2018-03-26 21:01
Hello, Danielle.

Thank you for contacting ID Hospital.


We recommend you to have forehead reduction surgery which starts from 6,500,000 KRW. With this procedure, it’s going to reduce the width and length of your forehead and make your face look smaller and more feminine; but unfortunately, we don’t do hair transplants. We suggest you to stay in Korea for 10 days at least as a recovery time. And you’ll have an English translator at the hospital but you must mention about it when you make an appointment prior to your visitation to the hospital.


We have an affiliated hotel called ‘Glad Gangnam COEX Center’ and they are offering very special rates exclusively for our patients. Their website is currently not yet online but they will be open from 29th December 2017 onwards.

Address: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Samsung-dong, 995-16

Website: http://gladgangnamcoex-hotels.com:8080/gladhotel/

Nearest Metro station: 3 mins walk to Samsung subway station (Exit 3)

Room Type:

  1. Double room: 1 Queen size bed, for 2 persons- 75,000 KRW per night; breakfast inclusive for 2 persons

  2. Twin Room: 2 Single size beds, for 2 persons- 75,000 KRW per night breakfast inclusive for 2 persons

  3. Jumbo Twin Room: 1 Queen size bed and 1 Single size bed, for 3 persons- 100,000 KRW per night, breakfast inclusive for 3 persons


Thank you and have a great day.


Kind regards,

ID Hospital Korea
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