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2020-05-20 01:47

Thank you for contacting ID Hospital!

Based on your sending photos we recommend you are Epicanthoplasty, Canthoplasty to enlarge your eyes, also Fat graft in upper eyelid to feel sunken upper eyelid parts which make you look older, Under eye fat repositioning to get rid of eye bags and make your under eyes area smoother, under eye fat graft is recommended as well too with Fat graft in nasolabial fold and upper cheeks to achieve more youthful and fresh result. Your cheekbones don't look developed from looking at the photos, we don't recommend you Cheekbones reduction because you won't see much improvements.

Epicanthoplasty, Canthoplasty


Fat graft


Under eye fat repositioning


-epicanthoplasty/canthoplasty: starts at 1 million KRW (approximately 1,000 USD)

-upper eyelid fat graft: starts at 1.2 million KRW (approximately 1,100 USD)

-under eye fat graft: starts at 2.3 million KRW (approximately 2,100 USD)

-fat graft(nasolabial/cheekbones): starts at 2.3 million KRW (approximately 2,100 USD)

-under eye fat repositioning: starts at 2.5 million KRW (approximately 2,300 USD)


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