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Re:V line / Jaw reduction

2020-05-21 00:44

Thank you for contacting ID Hospital!

Based on your attached photos we recommend you are V-line surgery to achieve more feminine appearance, Non-incision Smas Lift to fix sagginess an achieve more youthful look, Under eye fat repositioning to get rid of eyebags and tired look, it will help to make you under area smoother.

V-line surgery (Mandible angle reduction + Chin genioplastyDeveloped mandible angle and lower chin can give off a strong and masculine impression, making one’s face looks bigger and wider. Our V-line surgery will help you achieve a smaller face with slimmer and more defined jaw line.  https://eng.idhospital.com/facial-contouring/v-line-surgery/

Non-incision Smas Lift It is a non-incisional lift procedure created by ID’s know-how. It absolutely lifts SMAS layer up, under the skin only with an elastic band. You can maintain elastic skin and a tightened facial line by fixing the cause of aging, and we will help you have a natural smile and attractive face right after the surgery. https://eng.idhospital.com/anti-aging/non-incision-smas-lift/

Under eye fat repositioning Bulging eye bags are one of the causes of dark circles, which give of a tired and dark image. Under eye fat re-positioning surgery in korea removes the bulging eye bags and makes the under eye area even by filling out other areas, such as the lacrimal groove, with the removed fat. https://eng.idhospital.com/eyelid-surgery/under-eye-fat-repositioning/

  • V-line surgery: starts at 10 million KRW (approximately 9,000 USD)

  • Non-incision smas lift: starts at 5 million KRW (approximately 4,600 USD)

  • Under eye fat repositioning: starts at 3 million KRW (approximately 2,600 USD)

<Price is all inclusive of>

hotel booking assistance (fee is not included)

pre and post operation examination fee (X-ray and CT scan)

post-op treatments fee

English translator

Tax(you can receive 7~8percent refund)

<Price is not inclusive of>

prescripted medication fee

hotel fee


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