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Re:Prices for Surgeries

2020-05-21 01:43

Thank you for contacting ID Hospital!

Since Bambi eye surgery is included so many different procedures for it depending on what your goal look is.

-philtrum reduction: starts at 4 million KRW (approximately 3,600 USD)

-under eye fat graft: starts at 2.3 million KRW (approximately 2,100 USD)

-we don't perform surgeries only on one side.

-botox inj: starts at 0.6 million KRW (approximately 600 USD) per area


- the surgery price includes the following services:

  1. consultation

  2. surgery

  3. pre-operative health tests

  4. post-operative treatments (sterilizing and stitch removal)

  5. in-house translation service

*medications and accommodations are not provided (medications cost about 50,000~100,000 KRW (approximately 50~100 USD))

If you have any other questions, please contact us via:

Kakaotalk : idhospitalkorea

Line: @idhospitalkorea

Email: doctor@idhospital.com

Whatsapp: +82-10-3134-5904

Have a great day!