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2024-05-15 06:41

My name is Noelle and I'm an 18 year old trans girl from the United States. I'm looking to receive facial feminization surgery. I've been transitioning for about 8 months now, but even before then, I was very unhappy with the way my face looked. Some of my concerns are my wide and broad nose, my square face shape, and my square forehead. I don't want to look like a slightly changed version of myself, but instead drastically more beautiful and more hyperfeminine appearing. The procedures I am seeking are V-line surgery (jaw angle reduction + genioplasty), browbone reduction, brow lift, facial fat grafting, rhinoplasty, and possibly a facelift. I really want to get rid of some of the small lines in my forehead as well as my smile lines. I want my nose bridge and nostrils to both be more narrow and I'd like for the bump in my nose to be shaved. I feel as though my lower face is very heavy, but I'd like for it to look more heart-shaped, soft, and feminine. I would also like to receive breast augmentation as well. I learned about ID hospital through Echo's story (https://eng.idhospital.com/echo-monroes-life-altering-transformation-id-hospital/) and I was really inspired to be able to come closer to the way I dream of appearing. Thank you so much.

Best, Noelle