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  • Undetectable Double-Jaw Surgery

Undetectable Double-Jaw Surgery

Undetectable Double-Jaw Surgery

Absorbable pins that melt, and leave
no trace of surgery!

What is Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery?

Instead of using metal fixing pins for adhesion of fractured bones, Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery uses dissolvable fixing pins that dissolve in the body over time. Metal pins made of titanium can fixate mandibular jaw bones, but patients don’t feel comfortable having them permanently remain in the body. Dissolvable pins, however, dissolve and disappear 2 years after surgery, which is a huge advantage since there won’t be any substance or any evidence of surgery left in the body. Newly developed pins that can fixate bones like titanium pins, along with id’s advanced medical technology in orthognathic surgery, have created a safe undetectable two-jaw surgery.

Before and After X-RAY Photos of Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery

Dissolvable fixing pins have been officially certified for its safety by
US FDA, European CE, and Korean KFDA, and they are harmless to the human body.


※ The white spot on the gum visible on the X-ray photos is a device for jaw bone fixation. After the fixation period, it’s removable without anesthesia.

Normal Orthognathic Surgery
(Titanium fixing pins)

  • Use titanium fixing pins
  • Consistent strong fixation of bones
  • Fixing pins left permanently
  • Fixing pins visible on X-ray

Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery
(Dissolvable fixing pins)

  • Use dissolvable fixing pins
  • Consistent strong fixation of bones for next 6 months
  • Fixing pins dissolve and disappear over time
  • No traces of fixing pins visible on X-ray

Benefits of Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery

Zero 1
No traces visible to
professional doctors

Even when dentists look at your X-ray right after surgery, they cannot figure out your surgery history.

Zero 2
No worries for metal
fixing pins

You don’t need to worry about the pins since they will be naturally absorbed within 2 years.

Zero 3
No need to have pins
removal surgery

Pins removal surgery is not required, no need to worry about getting a second surgery.

1. “Beginning of dissolvable fixing pins, Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery”


Safety of Absorbable pins

Absorbable pins, approved by the American FDA, European CE, and Korean FKDA,
are officially proven safe and innocuous to the human body.


2. Fixed at optimal condition! ‘Torque Control Driver’

What is Torque Control Driver?

It’s id Hospital’s unique fixing driver that holds the dissolvable pins at the most optimal intensity when operating Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery. Id uses Torque Control Driver to safely hold the bones and dissolvable pins without overly pushing them, bringing out the most capacity to hold them with strength.




3. ‘Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery’ operated by the best medical staff in the country for orthognathic surgery

“You can imitate technology, but you cannot imitate the experience of id’s medical team”

Rich Clinical Experience

id’ medical team at orthognathic surgery center consists of specialized doctors from university hospitals. They have rich clinical experience in orthognathic surgery and operate safe and precise Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery.

Continuous R&D

id has done consistent research and development on new surgical methods such as Surgery-first Approach, No-tie Two-Jaw Surgery and others for patients. id confidently presents its research done since 1990s on ‘dissolvable fixing pins’ and operates Undetectable Two-Jaw Surgery with accuracy.

Poly-Clinic System

Precise examination before surgery as well as joint-treatment of plastic surgery center, orthognathic surgery center, orthodontic clinic, and anesthesia center sets optimal plans for patients to minimize errors.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

2 hours


General anesthesia


3 days

Removal of stitches

About 14 days after

Recovery time

2 weeks

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos