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How to get the perfect cleavage with breast augmentation surgery


perfect cleavage


Large breasts with the perfect cleavage are the envy of many women. Having a lot of cleavage is considered sexy, so by default, people expect all surgery results to create a sexy cleavage. However, it is a common misconception that having breast augmentation surgery will guarantee a perfect cleavage.

So can the perfect cleavage be achieved with breast augmentation surgery?


perfect cleavage


Actually a lot of factors come into play in order to achieve the perfect cleavage.

First and foremost, is the actual structure of the individual’s chest. The breast tissues between the breasts determine whether the implant pocket can be created to bring the implants close together. This requires an experienced surgeon to ensure the results do not give the dreaded “Uniboob” look.


breast implants


Skin elasticity and thickness is next. If the skin is too thin, then the chances of the implant outline being visible, is higher, so the implants cannot be put so close together.

The amount of existing breast tissues, not only dictates the shape, type and placement of the implant, but also plays a major role in the type of cleavage you will get.



breast implants


The actual size and proportion of your chest, along with the implant shape and size, should be taken into consideration to make the perfect cleavage.

Many women, who have undergone surgery and are not satisfied with the results, can consider a revision surgery. However, surgery is not recommended if the surgeon advises against it.



perfect cleavage


Lastly, the bra type also plays a role in the type of cleavage. If having surgery is not possible or revision surgery will not give you the results you want, that is an option to consider. This is something that anyone, even with a modest breast size can achieve with the right type of bra.

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