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Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery

Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery is one of the most frequently asked questions. Therefore, we have made a detailed recovery time with photos to help you plan your surgery.

Knowing what the recovery process is like will give you an idea of what to expect so you will not be overwhelmed.


Surgery Types


V-line: Surgery to shave portions of the jaw and chin bones.
Incision area: The stitches are inside the mouth, around the sides and above the chin.


Stitches for V-line/Mini V-line surgery

Mini V-line: Surgery to shave a portion of the chin bone.
Incision area: Inside the mouth, above the chin area.

Cheekbone reduction: Surgery to shave a portion of the cheekbone.
Incision area: Depends on surgery method. In the mouth is the most common but there could be an incision in the sideburns as well.

Recovery Process for facial contouring surgeries

Things to avoid before surgery

Avoid any kinds of blood thinners for 1-2 weeks before surgery.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol for 1 – 2 weeks before surgery.

Post-surgery instructions/precautions

Swelling takes 3 to 4 weeks to reduce and minor swelling takes 3 to 6 months to reduce. Swelling tends to heal asymmetrically, so for 6 months to a year, allow your body to heal.

Use a cold pack for the swelling for the first 3 to 4 days after surgery then shift to using a warm pack. Make sure to always check the temperature on your hands

first. Never apply the packs directly on your skin.

Do not smoke or drink for 1-3 months post-surgery.

Never take medication on an empty stomach.




Sleep at a 30-45 degree angle. Use pillows to prop yourself up and sleep on your back.

Avoid salty, spicy, greasy foods to heal faster. Avoid chewy foods for 1-3 months after surgery.

Do not go to the sauna or steam room for a month after surgery.

Avoid vigorous exercise.

Avoid laser procedures such as LPL, Fraxel laser etc. for a month after surgery.


Recovery process for facial contouring surgeries: Before Surgery


recovery process for facial contouring surgery
Drawing the surgery design


Before the surgery, the surgeon will see you one more time to draw the surgery design.

Since the surgery is done under general anesthesia, you will be fasting for 8 hours before your surgery time.

Post-surgery, you cannot drink water for an additional 6 hours. Follow all the instructions of the nurses.


Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery: 3-4 days


Cheekbone reduction and V-line surgery facial contouring surgeries : Male patient


Use the cold pack, and then after the fourth day, shift to using the warm pack.

You have to eat liquid or soft foods. Drink warm water but avoid hot food.

Gargle at 2-hour intervals as instructed.

Wear the facial bandage for 1 hour and remove for 20 minutes then repeat. You can remove it when eating, gargling and sleeping.


Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery: 2 weeks later


You will have swelling care treatments after stitches are removed.

You should start your jaw exercises in another 2 weeks.


V-line surgery: Female patient



Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery: 3-12 months later


By this point, a lot of the swelling has reduced and your jawline is getting more defined as time goes by.



V-line surgery: Female patient


Recovery Process for facial contouring surgery: Tips to help you heal quickly


1. The swelling will reduce asymmetrically so do not panic and wait until it has reduced completely before assuming something went wrong with the surgery. Knowing more about the healing process will help dispel any fear or anxiety you might have after surgery.

2. Even though the swelling should be gone by the 6 months mark, it may take longer for some to heal, up to 12 months. Do not have revision surgery until a year after.

3. Two weeks after the stitches removal, you have to start exercising your jaw to help the nerves heal faster. This is important so do not skip this step.

4. Avoid chewy meat or food for three months after surgery as your jaw is still healing.

5. Do not engage in any intensive activities or exercise for a month after surgery. If you have to exercise, start with light walking after the first week.

6. Do not get lazy and minimize the number of times you use the gargling solution. Since you cannot brush your teeth for a week after surgery, this will help maintain your oral hygiene and disinfect your incision area.

7. Nutrition plays an important role in healing so make sure to eat nourishing foods that help you heal.


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