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Total makeover surgeries: Surgeries you need to look your best

Patients always think that all types of surgeries are total makeover surgeries.

The truth is they types of surgery each person needs is very different. The most accurate indicator is how close your face is to the golden ratio.

Even then, the surgery recommendations really differ per person. Some people can get away with a nose job, or V-line surgery to change the proportions of their face whereas others need more surgeries.

The key factor is balancing the facial features. For someone with a prominent forehead, changing the forehead size may make the other features look unbalanced, so additional jaw or rhinoplasty is required. Total makeover surgeries take into consideration all the proportions of the face, and the recommended surgeries aim to balance out the facial features.

We will look at a few examples of total makeover surgeries to see the difference.


total makeover surgeries


Jennifer, 22, did not like her face shape. Although to some people, she doesn’t seem to have any problem, but she felt that her cheekbones and jaw was too wide. Upon consultation, she discussed her concerns with the doctor. She wanted to have a cheekbone reduction, V-line surgery and rhinoplasty for her nose.


total makeover surgeries


The rhinoplasty surgeon advised her against adding a silicon implant, and gave his recommendation for a nose shape that will her. The facial contouring surgeon did not think she needed the cheekbone surgeries. Some may argue that there is no dramatic difference, but from the images, the delicate balance of facial harmony was achieved and the surgery results look very natural.


total makeover surgeries
In Sara’s case, her main concern was her short chin, wide jaw and lack of volume. V-line surgery balanced out the chin and gave her a very natural face shape. She wanted to have more volume on the face, but the surgeon told her that it would make her face look bulky. Even though she had only two surgeries, the results are very obvious.


total makeover surgeries


Friends and family think she had a rhinoplasty because her nose looks smaller, but in reality, her jaw and chin were changed to achieve a balanced facial contour.

Tracy, on the other hand, needed more total makeover surgeries. She wanted to look more feminine and less tired. She had a total of 5 surgeries to reach the facial balance she desired.


total makeover surgeries


By decreasing the length of the lower face, the forehead would become too prominent, so reducing the length of the face with the forehead and chin made her facial structure more feminine. Rhinoplasty was used to adjust the nose to fit her smaller face, and fat graft to add volume to make her look younger.

The results have made her look years younger, and she got her desired aesthetic.


total makeover surgeries


Just like these examples, the type of total makeover surgeries that an individual needs to improve their facial balance differs based on their current facial structure. There is no right or wrong formula; a highly experienced surgeon will recommend the right surgeries an individual needs to create their ideal look.

To know which surgeries you need, contact us here for an online consultation.

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