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Fast and simple procedure
Slim line, no wrinkles

What is AccuLift?

AccuLift uses a laser device called Accusculpt that is effective for breaking down fat to create a beautiful facial contour by removing unnecessary facial fat and giving elasticity to the skin. Accusculpt is a laser device that applies 1444nm wave length, which is most effective on fat breaking down. It only can remove fat cells by fine using a thin laser tube like an injection needle. As a result, it thoroughly removes thick cheeks, saggy skin, and double chin on facial area as if it’s sculpting the face to make a slim and beautiful V-line.

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Benefits of id AccuLift

Simply creates V-line shaped face

It can make a slim face with a V-line by cutting facial fat light and fast without having to operate orthognathic surgery.

Simultaneous lifting effect

Fat removal as well as stimulation to the dermis leads to collagen formation, so you can obtain a lifting effect with much more elasticity over time.

Safe without side effects

A laser treatment approved and certified by US FDA and European CE. Since it works on fat cells without affecting surrounding tissue, the procedure is secured to be safe.

Short surgery time and fast recovery

Surgery is completed within 30 minutes, only minimal swelling or bruises after the procedure as well. Even if you don’t have extra time for staying in Korea, still you can have the surgery since you can get back to normal routine right after your surgery.

Natural result without scars

Uses a very fine needle for a minimal invasive procedure. Leaves no scars or surgical marks, you can obtain natural beauty.

Since AccuLift can adjust your facial contour in detail like a sculptor, surgical result can be varied, with depending on the skill of medical team. ID Hospital promises you with an ever more exquisite and beautiful result based on the research and clinical data on beautiful facial shape.

Research on beautiful facial contour

ID Hospital has been continuously researching a beautiful facial shape as a hospital specialized in facial bones, and we offer our patients a beautiful facial shape fit for each person.

Systematical and professional aftercare

We provide you a systematical and professional aftercare to give you an elastic and satisfying result after surgery.

Rich clinical knowhow

Detailed procedure operated by our professional medical team in non-surgical contouring treatment with rich clinical experience will give you a satisfying result.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

Right after surgery

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos