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Full HD Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation in Korea - Full HD

Detailed technique using endoscope to create
Natural Y-line, tear drop shaped breasts

Tear drop-shaped Y-line, as natural as the original!
What is the secret?


Beautiful breasts as natural as my own
id Full HD Breast Augmentation

The optimum implant, selected by considering the individual body shape, and the tactile knowhow of id Hospital can create tear drop-shaped Y-line breasts, beautiful and natural as if they were originally yours.

Surgical Procedure for Full HD Breast Augmentation in Korea

Breast surgery Consultation


Bteast surgery Implants

Selection of the implants

Design the Breast Augmentation

Design before the surgery

follow up surgery


STEP 1. Thorough and complete medical check-up is prepared before the Breast surgery. You will take enough time for consultation with the Korean plastic surgery specialist.
STEP 2.Before the Breast Augmentation, you will select the type and size of id micro-texture breast surgery implants, based on the details of the consultation, results of the check-up, and your physical condition.
STEP 3. Design is applied to the part undergoing surgery.
STEP 4. You will receive follow-up cares including massage and high frequency wave treatment for prompt post-surgical recovery.

High expertise on Full HD Breast Augmentation Surgery in Korea

Advantages of Full HD Breast Augmentation 01

120% Dry Pocket, which desquamates without bleeding
Pocket into which the breast implants are inserted, gives the most natural feelings when 120% of the size of implant is desquamated. ID Full HD Breast Augmentation creates the breasts with the most natural touch by adhering to this ratio. Moreover, we confirm the area to be desquamated directly via endoscope and prevent bleeding. It prevents capsular contracture, brings less pain, and allows quick recovery after the Breast surgery in Korea.

What is Dry Pocket?

It is the surgical skill of desquamating the area where the breast implants are to be inserted. It does not cause bleeding during the surgery and prevents capsular contracture. It features the quick recovery and natural touch after the surgery.

breast augmentation implants pocket

When the size of the breast pocket is 120% of the size of implants

The Breast surgery implants can move smoothly and naturally in the breast pocket, resulting in the most ideal touch

breast pocket is larger than the size of implants
When the size of the breast pocket is larger than the size of implants

The breast pocket is too big compared to the implants, the movement feels artificial and unnatural

breast pocket fits almost with the size of implants
When the size of the breast pocket fits almost with the size of implants

The size of the breast pocket is too small, so the implants can rarely move, leading to stiff feeling

Advantages of Full HD Breast Augmentation 02
Beautiful tear drop-shaped Y-line,a result of thorough desquamation to the pectoral muscle

It is important to exfoliate thoroughly up to the pectoral muscle, in order to create beautiful tear drop-shaped Y-line, while maintaining tight and pretty cleavage.

Full HD Breast Augmentation Surgery of id desquamates inner part of the pectoral muscle with the endoscope, resulting in natural and pretty tear drop-shaped Y-line, while maintaining tight cleavage.

Advantages of Full HD Breast Augmentation 03
Natural volume with appropriate implants for you

The implants should be chosen based on the physical conditions such as the shape and size of the breasts, the structure of the chest, and others to create the most ideal volume. Full HD Breast Augmentation of id creates the ideal volume without being restricted by the width of chest by using various implants of different shapes and materials, such as tear drop- shape, round, micro-texture, texture, and smooth implants.

Type 01

Wide and low type Semi-moderate

Wide and low type Semi-moderate
  • Wide diameter but flat type
  • When you wish to change the shape of breasts with enough volume already
Type 02

Moderate type Moderate

Moderate type Moderate
  • The most popular type
  • For those with the common size of chest
Type 03

Narrow and high type High profile

Narrow and high type High profile
  • Customized for the Asians with narrow chest
  • For those who has narrow chest but wishes to create full volume

Id’s exclusive care system for the breast surgery

Exclusive care 01
National certified comprehensive check-up

ID Hospital, certified by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, operates examination center of the level of university hospital, for all patients to receive surgery with confidence. The breast surgery specialist especially examines the exact condition and any possible disease of breasts by using the most advanced ultrasonic devices including the fidelity test before the breast surgery.

Exclusive care 02
Zero Capsular Contracture Program

ID is operating exclusive zero capsular contracture program to prevent capsular contractures after the breast surgery and to provide natural feeling of breasts like the original.

Exclusive care 03
In-depth care for your breasts

After breast surgery at ID, you can check the breast condition by using the most advanced devices of ours at any time. The patient can check the breast structure by ultrasonic examination before the surgery and see the results of regular check-ups after the surgery. When any breast disease is detected, the patient can still maintain beautiful Y-line and breast health by undergoing mammotome surgery in parallel.

Before surgery

Breasts and thorax structures are accurately analyzed by the most up-to-date ultrasound devices. A personalized breast surgery is planned to create the ideal breast silhouette.

Diagnosis of breast structure + Analysis of thorax structure + Understanding of thickness & structure of subcutaneous layer

After surgery

The conditions of breast tissues and prosthetics are checked anytime after the surgery by breast health examination to allow you take care of health and beauty of your breasts at the same time.

Diagnosis of the condition of prosthetics + Examination of tissues around prosthetics + Examination of capsules

When any breast diseases are detected

If any kind of breast diseases, such as cyst, benign or malignant tumor which need to be treated is detected in the ultrasonic examination, patients are provided of mammotome surgery to remove benigh deiseases and keep the healthy breasts.

Diagnosis of breast with ultrasonic device + Removal of breast tumor + Breast biopsy

Exclusive Care 04
Post OP care with breast surgeon

We offer 1:1 personalized care from consultation until post-surgery care.

In addition, we offer after care program to help you recover quickly and reduce swelling. We also offer professional scar removal treatment at ID dermatology.


Mammotome Surgery of id Breast Surgery

In consultation for id Breast Surgery , a breast surgery specialist in Korea will carefully examine your condition using the most up-to-date ultrasound devices.

In addition to detecting the breast diseases which can hardly be detected due to their asymptomatic nature, we can accurately diagnose the detailed condition of tissues around the prosthetics which cannot be checked-up closely in general breast clinic after the surgery.


Benign tumor


Malignant tumor
(Breast cancer)

Tissues around the implants
(After surgery)

Rupture of implants
(After surgery)
Our every breast surgery is planned in cooperation with plastic surgeon, breast surgery specialist, and anesthesiologist to ensure patient’s safety.

If breast surgery is performed with other concurrent breast disease, the disease may progress or get even worse.


If a breast disease requiring treatment is detected, mammotome surgery is perform to partially extracts tumor for biopsy.
Simple lumps or cysts can easily be removed during an ultrasound test using a small sized needle (0.3 cm)

Mammotome surgery can be conducted in parallel with the breast surgery, ensuring healthy breasts and beautiful Y-line curved breasts simultaneously.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

3~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos