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  • Double thread Non-incision Method

Double thread Non-incision Method

No unwinding, no scars
Problems solved by two threads

Double thread Non-incision Method

#better line #more secure
#natural #like I was born with it

What if the threads unwind…?
Is it possible even if my skin is thick?
I’m worried about the scars…
I don’t want any incisions~
I don’t want to have fake-looking double eyelids..

id will solve all your concerns at once

Eyelid fixed with two threads
Incisional method
if you’re thick skinned?
Not anymore!
Natural conglutination…
…makes them look like my own eyes!
  • 수술시간
    Surgery Time
    30 min
  • 마취방법
    Sleep Sedation
  • 내원치료
    Not required
  • 실밥제거
    Stitch Removal
    About 2 days
    after them
  • 일상생활
    Recovery Time
    About 3 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Unwinding and natural looking double eyelids

id Double thread Non-incision Method

The dual thread firmly
fixes the skin layers,
Resulting in permanent
double eyelids
The two special threads strongly
fixes the double eyelid
which maintains the line.
Non incisional suture
Natural double eyelid
A natural line is created
by making micro-holes
and connecting them with threads,
leaving no scars.

Double thread
Non-incision Method

Generic Non-incision Method vs
Double thread Non-incision Method

Generic Non-incision Method Double thread Non-incision Method
The double eyelids are sutured with a slight scarring left Operation Method Induces conglutination by tying a special dual-thread along the double eyelid line
Risk of the thread unwinding because only 1 is used Fixation A permanent result with no risk of unwinding due to the use of two threads
Slight scars visible when eyes are closed Scarring Scars are almost non-existent even when eyes are closed
Cannot be operated on thick skin (incision is necessary) Candidates Can also be operated on thick skin without any incisions

id Double thread Non-incision Method Operation Method


Before Operation

Before the operation, a personalized surgery plan is made through a consultation with a board-certified eye surgeon.



The design is drawn on the operation site according to the consultation.



Skin and upper eyelid muscles are fixed with dual threads to prevent unwinding.


After Operation

In a week, natural and prominent double eyelids will be set.

We recommmend ID Double Thread
Non-incision Method
for the following patients

1 If your double eyelid is unwinding
2 If you’re worried about scarring after the surgery
3 If you want a quick recovery period after the surgery
4 If you don’t like the incisional method
5 If you want natural looking double eyelids
6 If your skin is thick but don’t want an incisional method