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Types of eye surgery Korea

Customized surgery based on individual face structure

Eyes are the most important part which makes the first impression.
ID Hospital customizes the surgery based on individual features

How is eye surgery done in Korea?

Highly experienced eye specialists operate surgery
  • Step 1: Before the surgery, we make the surgery plan for the individual during
    consultation with the eye doctor.
  • Step 2 : Based on the consultation, we design the eye shape based on patient’s
  • Step 3 : After about a week, eyelids will look natural.
  • Step 4 : Check the recovery and condition of the patient and proceed with the
    progress check.

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  • Are translation services available for foreigners?Yes, ID Hospital provides translation in your preferred language. 1: 1 consultation translator will take care of you during consultation, surgery, check-up, and recovery, so that you can focus on your surgery without any inconvenience.
  • Is there any chance of unraveling, if it is non-incisional surgery ?Non-incisional surgery uses thread suture to create double eyelids. Since there is no incision, there is less scarring or swelling, but there is a high chance of the stitches unraveling. id’s Seven-lock Non-incisional Method, which maximizes the effect of non-incisional surgery and improved its drawbacks, makes 7 points for creating double eyelids that do not unwind.
  • How long is the recovery period after surgery?It depends on the person and the surgery method. Normally during the first few days, you ‘ll have some swelling and bruises but it will gradually reduce. You can start wearing eye make-up 2-3 week after the surgery and it can take up to 4 weeks until the major swelling disappears.
  • I ‘m worried about having an unnatural look if I choose incisional surgery method.Excessive fats and muscle can make the eyelid look unnatural look but Skinny Incisional Method has improved such disadvantages , to create slim, natural double eyelids like non-incisional method.
  • When can I do double eyelid revision surgery?We recommend revision surgery 6 months after the initial surgery. Revision surgery cause more tissue damage compared to first operation so it requires a highly experienced surgeon.
  • I ‘m worried about recurrence.In the case of canthoplasty that only makes an incision on skin surface, there is a high chance of recurrence. We have greatly reduced the chances of recurrence by making a complete incision through conjunctiva, then removing skin tissue that can cause recurrence and fixing the eye corners to the periosteum.