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National Certification

The first and only plastic surgery hospital which is certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare

id Hospital certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare

id Hospital certified by Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare

Cleaning AIR care

Thorough OBJECT care

Hygienic DIRECT care

1:1 Medical service TRUST care

A comprehensive medical testing system with national certified

Professional poly clinic system


The first and only plastic surgery hospital which is certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare.

(One part of Article contents of ‘Maeil Business News Korea’) ID Hospital had started to prepare to receive national certification from Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare from 2014, And investigation team had visited ID hospital to evaluate the suitability for 4 days from 16th to 19th August in 2016. It is available for ID Hospital to use a national certified mark of medical institution until November 2020.

According to the evaluation report of investigation team, id Hospital was highly evaluated in each field with its patient safety system, differentiated serviceand high quality medical service.

The following factors received the spotlight; ①Poly clinic system ②Safety system such as operation applied to international infection standard, ③The first comprehensive medical testing system with physician resides for safety,
④Post-surgery intensive recovery program.

The evaluation team said that it is highly evaluated that ⑤sharing hospital vision and mission with more than 500 medical staffs and employees for the patients.

Result of efforts and practice,

id hospital received national certification from Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for high-quality medical service for patient safety.

Clean Air Care

By performing operation in an operating room of well-managed clean environment which prevents viruses and bacterial penetration.

We try our best to achieve a 0% rate of infection and inflammation.

  • Clean HEPA filter system and positive pressure system in all 20 operation rooms
  • Strictly restricted access to operation room and block pollutant with Air shower system

Does id manage air in the operating room?

“Your operating room should be kept at 0% infection rate.”

  • id Hospital has
    • Safe positive pressure operating room where external air is blocked and bacteria cannot penetrate.
    • A high-pressure air shower which cleans out the dust and unhealthy fine particles.
    • Employees who regularly train and practice operating room rules and safety rules.
  • The air contamination is
    • Frequent opening of the operating room door increases air contamination (Presented in Orthopedics)
    • The smaller particles are more harmful
    • World Health Organization(WHO) regulations, risk of fine dust as a primary carcinogen

Hospital where the patient is the priority
Hospital where treat patients carefully and attentively

Every corner that the patient touches during the operation!
It is a space to welcome new patients, and we thoroughly manage infectious disease prevention and disinfection in equipment and devices..

  • Disinfection of patient chair infections including medical examination room, recovery room, treatment room, checkup room.
  • Disinfection and disposable replacement management of examination, treatment device handle, replacement device

Does ID sterilize medical equipment every day?

“Yes, ID sterilizes medical equipment right after using them to maintain cleanliness. “

  • id Hospital
    • Hand Sanitizers are equipped and it is recommended to use them to block infection from all objects
    • Thorough sterilization for bacteria control
    • Usage of disposable covers in a difficult situation of sterilization
  • what is important for sterilization
    • Space, equipment and devices used by over 1,000 patients and customers per month
    • Fine dust, Virus, etc can be transferred from clothes and hands to things
    • Sterilizing the chair can prevent HIV(AIDS) infection

Thorough Sanitation Management
Hygienic Direct care

All staff and medical team who provides medical services welcome patients after thorough sterilization

  • Thorough hygienic management, such as frequent hand washing
  • Single usage of surgical gowns, surgical cap and surgical gloves

Do all id staffs participate in hygiene?

“Yes, all id staffs and medical team are strictly caring
about hygiene.”

  • id Hospital
    • Before consultation or surgery, thorough hand sanitization to the bottom of the nails
    • Hand washing for more than 30 seconds before the patient’s examination
    • Infection prevention with disposable surgical dress after sterilization
  • What is important on hygienic
    • Usage of table, computer, surgical equipment using hands
    • More than 25,000 bacteria per 2.5cm2on smartphone, dirtier than toilet
    • 50 times more bacteria on Keyboard than toilet

From consultation, surgery, post-op care
Trust care by one-designated doctor

From consultation, surgery, and post-op care are all cared by one designated surgeon.

  • The inquires on online and mobile consultation are replied by the medical team
  • The designated surgeon will perform surgery and give post-treatment & care

Do the doctors perform surgery and provide patients management by themselves?

“Yes, consultation, surgery and treatment should be provided by one-designated surgeon.”

  • id Hospital
    • All one & off-line consultation are replied by medical staffs
    • The surgeon who gives consultation, perform the surgery
    • The post-care is performed by the designated surgeon
  • Some say that
    • There is a case that consultation is provided by the consultants not by medical staffs.
    • There is a case that the surgeon who provide consultation and surgery are different.
    • Some clinics provide post-care of cosmetic procedures not by medical staffs.

The First Comprehensive Medical Test
among other plastic surgery clinics

Why is not there a comprehensive test center for plastic surgery?
Why do patients have examination elsewhere, even though plastic surgery hospital is also a hospital?

id thinks that comprehensive medical test should be performed in the same place where surgery would be performed.

  • id Hospital, proceed more than 50 different kinds of examination at the examination center.

Does id hospital also provide the bone density test & growth plate during medical test?

“Yet those tests are performed to achieve safe surgery as ID is especially specializing in facial bone surgery.”

  • Bone density test
    • The test examines the amount of the bone mineral in the tissues and thickness of the bone.
    • With High and strong bone density, smooth facial line can be achieved as bone is resected as planned.
  • Growth plate test
    • There is a possibility of face shape change if the bone is still growing.

Poly Clinic System
Professional treatment can be offered with poly clinic system

The Medical team of id Hospital makes the surgical plan together to give the best result to each patient.

  • Plastic Surgery- Oral Maxillofacial Surgery- Dental Clinic – Dermatology – Family Medicine
    – Internal Medicine – Surgery – Anesthesiology
  • Poly-clinic system to check the patient’s symptoms, operation plan, and follow-up plans.

Can id work on ploy clinic system with surgeons from different area?

“Yes, Medical team related cooperate and perform the surgery.”

  • The kinds of medical treatments provided
    • Plastic surgery
    • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    • internal medicine
    • surgery
    • dermatology
    • Family medicine
    • orthodontics
    • prosthodontia
    • anesthesiology

< ID Medical Group >

Plastic Surgery

  • Orthognathic Surgery Center
  • Eyes and Nose surgery Center
  • Breast and body Contouring Center
  • Facial contouring Center
  • Anti-aging Center
  • Anesthesiology Center

Dental Clinic

  • Orthodontics Center
  • Prosthodontics Center


  • De-aging Center
  • Brightening Center
  • Body Slimming Center

All staffs in id Hospital provide the level
of national certified service.

All medical teams and staffs acquired the national certification.