Nose job surgery
Natural Barbie line with customized nose bridge, tip, and alar bases

Since filler does not last long, Rhinoplasty is the solution for permanent result!

Types of Rhinoplasty in Korea

Rhinoplasty that looks natural

At ID, we perform Rhinoplasty by customizing the shape for each patient

Types of Rhinoplasty in Korea
Customized surgery based on individual face structure

Highly experienced, Rhinoplasty specialists perform surgeries to improve appearance and resolve functional issues
  • Step 1: Before the operation, we can accurately understand the condition of the nose and have enough consultation with the plastic surgeon
  • Step 2 : Korean national certification comprehensive examination. We perform preoperative examination through
    50 kinds of comprehensive examination.
  • Step 3 : Select and design the implant based on the results of the examination and consultation.
  • Step 4 : After about 1 hour, the sharp nose bridge and soft nose line are completed
  • Step 5 : We will provide after-care for fast recovery
  • Step 6 : Doctor’s follow up to check the patient’s condition after surgery.

If you cannot find the answer
you require about Rhinoplasty

please feel free to contact us through our online consultation and price quote options.
    • Are translation services available for foreigners?Yes, ID Hospital provides translation in your preferred language. A 1: 1 consultation translator will take care of you during consultation, surgery, check-up, and recovery, so that you can focus on your surgery without any inconvenience.
    • Does Rhinoplasty make you look like having epicanthoplasty? In the early stage of recovery after Rhinoplasty, the distance between eyes looks narrower due to swelling and skin pulling, but this phenomenon will return to its original position within 1 or 2 months. If the space between your eyes is short, the height of your nose bridge should be balanced out to give you proper proportion between your eyes.
    • Does the revision Rhinoplasty make the swelling last longer? Even though revision surgery is more difficult than the first surgery but swelling and bruise will disappear in about 2 weeks.
    • Should the implant be inserted for hooked nose surgery?A person with hooked nose usually has high nose bridge. If the person does not want to have higher nose bridge, surgery can be
      performed without insertion of implant.
    • I had nose filler before Rhinoplasty. Can I undergo Rhinoplasty now?It is difficult to estimate the original height of the nose bridge after having nose filler. We recommend you to undergo Rhinoplasty after filler is completely absorbed.
    • Does Rhinoplasty worsen rhinitis symptom?Many patients who have rhinitis or sinusitis worry about worsening of symptom. We check patient’s condition by using 3D CT scan before surgery. By conducting thorough examination before surgery, we can fix your nose functional problem along with your nose shape.

Precautions After Nose Surgery

Prohibited for 1 month
Drinking alcohol, smoking, coughing, any actions pressurizing your face, blowing nose.
  • Apply cold pack for first 3 days. From 4th day onwards, apply warm pack for 7 days. To make it warm, soak the pack into warm water. 10-20 seconds of micro waving is ok. (Check the temperature with your bare hand and cover with towel as the sensations will be weak and may cause frostbites or burns.
  • Please keep the surgical area dry at all times. It is possible to wash your face with water from the next day of your stitches removal.
  • Do not remove cottons in your nose or tapes on top of your nose bridge at your own discretion.For sleeping positions, keep your head higher than heart level for de-swelling and avoid any posture could squash your nose. (Avoid using glasses and sunglasses for 1 month)
  • Do not blow your nose or cough too hard for 1 month and make sure you are taking prescribed medications regularly. Painkillers are included in each packet. If you are experiencing severe pain, taking extra painkillers (1~2tablets a day) are allowed.
  • 2weeks post-surgery, you may experience of nose bleeding. If bleeding is severe (if you have to change the gauze under your nose every 10 minute) please contact us. (If you have a lot of mucous, please change the gauze under your nose yourself)
  • Light walking after surgery is recommended as it helps with swelling. You can do most of the work out after one month.
  • If own costal cartilage (rib cartilage) has used, abdominal binder has to be worn for next 2 days, and avoid getting wet on the surgical area for 1 week. If you have symptoms such as shortness of breath, there’s a possibility of pneumothorax or hematoma please visit us immediately.
After surgery care
[From tomorrow]
Eye Drop
Saline solution
Twice a day (morning and evening)use with cotton tip and wipe the surgical area gently.
Eye ointment
Terramycin ointment
Twice a day, (morning and evening) apply thin layer on the surgical area.