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Male Ptosis Correction

Monolid Ptosis Correction

Natural looking new eye shape

100% satisfying men's needs
Monolid ptosis correction

Slim double eyelid creates

soft and clear eyes

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Monolid Ptosis Correction

Monolid Ptosis Correction

A surgery method specially for
men that creates clear eyes with a
very thin inner double eyelid line.

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Different from women’s,

Special features of men’s monolid
ptosis correction

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Natural line

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Minimum scars and
quick return to daily life

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Surgery after considering the
thickness of men’s skin
different from women’s, fat
mass, eyebrow bone and etc.

Monolid Ptosis Correction Surgery method

Non incision method

Natural effect by fixing
muscles that open eyes
without skin incision

- Thin eyelids
- Low fat eyelids
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Incision method

Thin skin incision to correct
the eyes, accurate and
definite effect

- Suitable for all eyes cases
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Eyebrow tattoo
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Improving one’s image through a
detailed and natural looking
procedure method

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Idol dual canthoplasty
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Lowering the appropriate length
and width for a natural
but deep eyes.

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Surgery candidate


If your eyes look sleepy
because of eyelid ptosis


If you want to improve
your image with naturally
defined eyes


If you need to raise
eyebrows to open the eyes
or there are a lot of
forehead wrinkles

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 min – 1 hour




Not required

Removal of stitches

about 7 days after surgery

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.