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Male Rhinoplasty

For the heart of men's face

Male rhinoplasty

A manly straight line from
glabella to the tip

 id HospitalWhat is the most important
part of a man’s face?

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 id Hospital Not just a change of a nose shape, id Hospital
but a change of the overall male face image.

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Unlike women, a man’s face image can be clearly defined 
and greatly
changed only by a
straight nose bridge.

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Only for men,MAN’s rhinoplasty points


Cool and high

straight line


Strong-looking thick

nose tip and bridge


Eyebrow bone – nose bridge

Defined T Zone


Deviated septum and
hump correction

Functional improvement


Slender and clear

nose alar

MAN’s rhinoplasty surgery method

id 3-stage serial extension

id Hospital
Nose front view
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Nose side view
We tie the nasal septum cartilage into three layers to adjust
the length of the nose, secure the tip of the nose tightly, then
place the implant inside to raise the nose bridge and
complete the nose tip with patient’s cartilage or donor dermis.

id nose tip shaping

In addition to the cartilage that
covers the nostrils a naturally
pretty nose tip is achieved through
nostrils – alar 1:2 ratio maintenance
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id Hospital Hump reduction surgery

We determine the extent to
which the bone protrudes or the cause
of it and remove it according to
the desired nose height.

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id Hospital Deviated septum surgery
(Septum curvature treatment)

We remove the deviated septal
cartilage and straighten
the remaining septal
cartilage completely.

id Hospitalrhinoplasty dedicated team

id rhinoplasty dedicated team knows
facial balance the best with 23 years
of clinical experience

“We will create your desired facial line
from the nose bridge to the tip.”
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id Hospital
Low nose improvement
id Hospital
Low nose bridge + saggy nose improvement
id Hospital
Short line + hollow nose tip improvement
id Hospital
Hump reduction + saggy nose improvement
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Where the charm begins!
MAN’s rhinoplasty