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Vision and History

Vision and History

Journey of ID Hospital

2021. Certified for its greatest record.


Official certification of KRI Korea Records for the ‘most plastic surgery place in Korea’

For the last 4 years, ID Hospital has undergone
jaw-line, facial contouring, eyes, nose, lifting, breasts,
liposuction surgery, and etc, receiving the largest surgery hospital certificate
from KRI Korea’s record and being recognized for the most tie-ups in 7 fields.

2020. Make a donation.


NGO Good-Neighbors Covid 19 donation.

Doctor Sang Hoon Park has donated 10 million won
to the international development NGO national neighbors
to prevent the spread of covid-19 and minimize the damage.

2019. Practice Sharing


Secluded patient medical support campaign

In order to practice sharing with neighbors who are
in the blind spot of medical care, we supported medical technology
through a medical support campaign for secluded patients.

2018. Global ID, extending to the world


ID PLACOSMETIC launched in Shanghai, China

ID PLACOSMETIC was officially launched through China’s largest expo ‘Shanghai International Beauty Expo’. Based on the know-how of the facial bones surgeons of ID Hospital, ID PLACOSMETIC, was introduced using a unique brand concept. It is rapidly growing into a global brand with achievements in overseas markets such as China, USA, South America and Southeast Asia.


Established ‘ID Beauty Clinic’ in Ginza, Tokyo

ID Beauty Clinic in Ginza, Tokyo offers all the solutions for glowing skin and small face through dermatology and anti-aging procedures.


Established ‘ID Beauty Clinic’ in Jakarta/Surabaya, Indonesia

ID beauty Clinic has been opened in Jakarta/Surabaya, Indonesia

All of the cutting edge laser treatments such as Ultherapy, anti-aging, and brightening are performed, and you can set up a surgery schedule with ID Hospital after plastic surgery consultation.

2017. Become the center of Asia Beauty


ID PLACOSMETIC launched at Watsons, Malaysia

ID PLACOSMETIC which is based on the know-how of the facial bone surgeons of ID Hospital is now available at the global Health & Beauty Store 'Watsons' and has been growing rapidly.


World's first textbook of facial contouring specialization

id Hospital facial contouring center medical staffs have published the world's first facial contouring textbook.

Based on 'rich clinical experience', 'diverse cases', and 'experience centered on experience', textbooks containing all the know-how of ID hospital doctors will be donated to medical school as well as textbooks of in-service plastic surgeons.


Invited lecture in the Korea Medical Tourism Festival in Dubai, UAE

Park Sang-hoon, the hospital director, gave a lecture on behalf of the Korean Society of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Park gave interesting lectures about topics such as beauty standards of different cultures and future cosmetic surgery, and got great response from Arab women.


ID PLACOSMETIC launched at ‘El Palacio Hierro’ in Mexico City, Mexico

ID PLACOSMETIC launched at ‘EL Palacio Hierro’ which id known as the finest department store in Mexico.

The concept of ‘ID PLACOSMETIC’ with its stylish and luxurious package design impressed the beauty influencers and reporters in Mexico.


Thailand Bangkok, ‘id Beauty Center‘ has opened

As the first Asian center of ID Hospital, the beauty center provides consultation and post-operation care programs.

In the future, ID Hospital will gradually expand the establishment of beauty centers in major Asian regions in consideration of steadily increasing overseas customers.


ID PLACOSMETIC launched in New York City, US

ID PLACOSMETIC was launched in Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue in New York, the leading city of the fashion trends.

Both department stores are famous for selling only premium brands and have established themselves as a representatives of K-beauty brand in the US.


Holding the breast surgery symposium

id Hospital has held a breast surgery symposium with global breast implant manufacture ‘Allergan’. Chief of the Breast Augmentation Center Dr. Hwang Dong Yeon gave a lecture on how to choose the implant according to their body shape and performed live surgery.

2016. Build Global Trust


id Hospital received national certification
from the Ministry of Health Welfare


Condé Nast International Luxury Conference 2016

id Hospital Asian Beauty Center has announced that Sang Hoon Park, the head doctor at id Hospital, has been invited to ‘The 2nd Conde Nast International Luxury Conference’ as the first speaker from medical industry and given a speech about ‘Changing Faces’ successfully.

2015. Leading Asia beyond Korea!


Opening of id Asian Beauty Center

id Hospital opened Asian Beauty Center with high-tech system to give consultation, diagnosis, surgery, and care all in one based on its high technical skills and patient-centered medical service.

2014. Moving forward with a step in advance


Awarded grand prize for the 8th Annual Best Service in Korea

id Hospital was selected as an excellent institution of strengthening Korea’s service industry and innovating the quality of service in management, and was awarded as the only plastic surgery hospital for Korea’s Best Service.


Registration of V-line Chin Extension Surgery in American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Medical team at oral and maxillofacial surgery center developed a surgical method that lengthens a short and stumpy chin and creates a slim V-line. This was registered in world-class journals of American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

2013. Passion for higher ideals

Dr. Jong ik Hwang during
treatment procedure.


Opening of id Dermatology

We id Hospital gathered all of our surgical know-hows and opened ‘Premium De-ageing Center’. This differs from the general anti-ageing treatments and with this, we can help increasing your skin elasticity in a more natural and healthy way.


Full implementation of the Invisible V-line and Orthognathic surgery

We started using absorbable pins since 2010 to put our patients at ease from worrying of using titanium pins for bone fixations. And with enormous surgery experiences, we’re still actively implementing the surgeries.
Dr. Ji Hyuk Lee attending
an academic conference


Dr Ji Hyuk Lee being invited to ASAPS academic conference

Dr. Ji Hyuk Lee attended the ASAPS conference and presented about the V-line jaw surgery and effective and safe cheekbone reduction surgery. He received many of medical teams’ attention.
The Green Umbrella Children’s
Foundation Sponsorship Ceremony


The Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation

id Hospital supports GUCF to help and provide better environments for children suffering from facial deformation.
Consultation with Professional
interpretation for foreign patients


Selected as the best hospital for foreign patients

According to ‘2012 Major Outcomes of Attracting Foreign Patients’ published by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, id Hospital was the only and best plastic surgery hospital for attracting foreign patients.
The 1st Opening ceremony of college student supporters


The 1st Opening Ceremony of Supporters

To give a fresh and friendly image to 20s and instill a healthy understanding of plastic surgery, id Hospital started college student supporters.

2012. Wisdom of the leader

Shin Yeon Hee, mayor of Gangnamgu,
with Dr. Sang Hoon Park


Received 2012 Honor of Appreciation as the best medical business institution

Selected as an excellent hospital that actively got involved in medical business and cooperation work among medical institutions located in Gangnamgu, and received ‘2012 Honor of Appreciation – Best Medical Business Institution’.
View of newly opened id Beautyplex


id Beautyplex

Based on the years of research and its achievement, id Beautyplex was opened with eyes, nose, breast, and petit plastic surgery center for creating beautiful facial features balanced with the facial shape.


‘Gangnamgu New Face Project’ Free medical support

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility, id Hospital provided free medical service with Gangnamgu to multi-cultural families with facial scars.
Cover of ‘Orthognathic Surgery,
a new code of plastic surgery’


Published [Orthognathic Surgery, a new code of plastic surgery]

Dr. Sang Hoon Park published [Orthognathic Surgery, a new code of plastic surgery] which has information on not only the detailed process of orthognathic surgery but also side effects and cautions you need to know for a safe orthognathic surgery.
View of id Dentist


Opening of id Dentist

id Dental clinic has been expanded.
We provide medical services that can satisfy you based on our know-how accumulated over 10 years in orthodontic treatment field.


Held the 4th International Symposium of Surgery-First Approach

Operated the first live surgery in Korea
The symposium was held with the topic of ‘the latest view of surgery-first approach’, and the first live orthognathic surgery operated by doctor Won Seok Hyon and Seok Jae Lee grabbed attentions of domestic and international medical staffs.


2012 Economy Korea BNT Medical Award for Orthognathic Surgery

2011. Passion and hope are the driving force for success!

Before & After photos of virtual plastic surgery
through CASS Program


Virtual test orthognathic surgery
Presented & Operated CASS Program

CASS is a virtual test surgery program, a scientific program developed by id Plastic Surgery Hospital for setting the best surgery plan to create a perfect 3-dimensional symmetry by operating a virtual test and correcting the test result before the actual orthognathic surgery.


Presented &
Operated Mini
V-line Front
Chin Surgery


Held the 3rd id Surgery First Orthognathic Symposium

The 3rd symposium served as a place to share the newest views of international surgery-first approach and correction surgery with Dr. Uribe from University of Connecticut and Dr. Eric Liou, President of Taiwan Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association, as the guest speakers.


Invited to 2011
Fall Symposium
of Craniofacial
Plastic Surgery


Voluntary Service for Kids with Facial Deformities Overseas

Doctor Won Seok Hyon has been visiting Vietnam and Laos every year for voluntary service to give free surgery and beautiful face to kids with facial deformities.


Invited and presented the 3rd William H. Bell Lectureship

Head Doctor Sang Hoon Park and Yang Ku Lee were invited as speakers to the 3rd William H. Bell Lectureship and were recognized by conservative American medical circle for orthognathic surgery as starting a new paradigm of jaw correction.

2010. Innovation determines leaders and followers

No-tie Orthognathic Surgery introduced in DongA Ilbo on December, 20th, 2010


Presented & Operated No-tie Orthognathic Surgery

As a successful outcome of consistent research & development, we started ‘No-tie Orthognathic Surgery’ that has shortened the recovery period of our patients and enabled food intake along with comfortable breathing, brining higher aesthetical and functional satisfaction.


Selected as 2010 Gangnam Medical-Beauty Hub Enterprise



Selected as a cooperating medical institution for Gangnam Medical Tour

Dr. Sang Hoon Park lecutring
in Shanghai


Held the 1st id V-line Surgery Symposium in Shanghai

The ‘1st V-LINE SURGERY SYMPOSIUM’ was held in Shanghai, which received a high interest and response for sharing ‘V-line Surgery method’ and lecturing on ‘Grouping facial shape & Cheekbone Surgery’ to Chinese medical staff.


Opened id Aesthetic branch (present. Face Diet)

We opened id Aesthetic branch for a fast recovery of our patients to normal routine after facial bone surgery through a professional swelling care.


The 2nd id Surgery First Orthognathic Approach Symposium

With its topic on scientific ground, surgical method, and the view on correction in Surgery First Approach, the symposium put the Surgery First Approach on another new level through enthusiastic debates on the issues and resolutions of Surgery First Approach.


id Dentist as a branch hospital

A year after the opening of id Hospital, id Dentist opened as a branch hospital nearby to provide patients with more professional orthodontic treatment and high quality service.


Selected as a cooperating
medical institution
by Seoul City

Dr. Yang Ku Lee at id Dentist
Received patent for the manufacturing method of the wafer


Applied a patent for surgery-first approach (Manufacturing method of orthognathic surgery wafer)

Doctor Yang Ku Lee at id Dentist developed a 3-dimensional scanning to enable a simulation surgery without CT scan, and the patent application took the orthognathic surgery to another level of accuracy.

Doctor Yang Ku Lee at id Dentist
Applied a patent for manufacturing method of orthognathic surgery wafer

2009. Change means opportunity!

Doctor Sang Hoon Park
receiving the award


Economy Korea Award of Medical Korea for Plastic Surgery

Only 5 months after its opening, id Hospital received Medical Korea Award in for plastic surgery under the review of selection committee and the customer poll.


Held the 1st International Symposium for id Orthodontic treatment and orthognathic surgery

Opened and shared surgery-first cases and knowhow through the symposium, and Exchanged opinions with 11 domestic and international experts. It is appraised for marking a new era in the orthognathic field.


2nd Opening of id Hospital
(Hospital-level medical institution)

Opened for the second time as the largest facial bone surgery hospital with 5 stories, 2 basement floors, and 30 wards. It has grown to be an axis of facial bone surgery as specialized medical institution with safe, patient-centered service.

2008. Onward to the world!


Attended the 7th Asian Pacific Craniofacial Association

Head Doctor Sang Hoon Park with most experiences in surgery-first published his paper on ‘Facial change and relapse after surgery-first’ and proved id Hospital’s technology to top specialists in craniofacial surgery.


Attended the 60th American Assocation of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and presented “Application of surgery-first approach in orthognathic surgery”

2006~07. Dreamers never stop!


Registration of V-line Square Jaw Surgery (T-osteotomy) in American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Medical team at id Hospital implemented T-osteotomy used for treating cancer and other diseases in the past to facial bone and developed it into V-line square jaw surgery. It is registered in American Society of Plastic Surgeons.


Conference presentation on V-line Square Jaw Surgery (T-osteotomy)


Presented ‘Classification and correction of long face’ at the 8th Korea · Japan Plastic Surgery Conference

2005. Dreamers never stop!


Opening of id Dentist

id Dentist opened with high-tech devices and skilled medical team to provide safe and comfortable orthodontic treatments to patients who had orthognathic surgery as well as other general orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.


Presented ‘Aesthetical treatment for protruded jaw and mouth’ at the 11th International Craniofacial Surgery Conference

Head doctor Sang Hoon Park presented <Orthognathic treatment to patients with normal mastication> and <Detailed classification and treatment for protruding mouth> to introduce advanced medical technologies to aesthetical orthognathic surgery.

2003~04. From ideas to reality!


Opening of Sang Hoon Park Plastic Surgery Clinic (present, id Hospital)

Head doctor Sang Hoon Park opened a plastic surgery clinic in Sinsadong in July, 2004. It has become the beginning of id Hospital and the first plastic surgery hospital specialized in facial bone.


Operated the first surgery-first orthognathic surgery

Head doctor Sang Hoon Park operated the first orthognathic surgery with surgery-first approach in 2003, shortening the treatment period from 2~3 years to less than a year to reduce the time and physical burden of patients. He is now called the pioneer of surgery-first approach.

2002. Future has already begun!


Awarded for Today’s Researcher at American Plastic Surgery Conference Paper Contest

Head doctor Sang Hoon Park was recognized as today’s excellent researcher by American Plastic Surgery Conference for his research work on ‘Activating angioblast stem cells’ during his term in New York University as a visiting professor.


First orthognathic surgery by doctor Sang Hoon Park

Orthognathic surgery was first introduced in 1980s, and 10 years had passed from then at that time. However, doctor Sang Hoon Park opened up a new field of orthognathic surgery as plastic surgery in Korea, and the first surgery operated in 1995 laid its foundation.