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Consultation Hours & Hospital Information

Consultation Hours &
Hospital Information

id Hospital will always make our patients’ needs and concerns our utmost priority.

Consultation Hours

Weekdays : 10AM – 7PM
Saturdays : 10AM – 4PM
※ We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Consultation Inquiry &
Telephone Reservations

Our consultants are available to speak with you.
TEL(English Hotline)
+82 2 3496 9787
+82 2 3496 9783
+82 2 3496 9768

Before you make an online consultation

※ Same-day Reservation is not possible.
※ Face to face consultation with doctor is available after making a booking.
※ If there is any error while making an appointment please contact us. (+82 2 3496 9783)
※ Consultation Hours : Weekdays : 10AM – 7PM / Saturdays : 10AM – 4PM

Consultation Rooms (For Foreigners)

-Customized consultation and services for our foreign patients are provided here.
-Native speakers (10 different languages) available to provide one-on-one translation service.

Reception / Sky Lounge

-The reception staffs are always present to ensure quick service.
-Spacious, comfortable waiting area in the sky lounge with panoramic view of downtown Seoul.

Examination center / Petite Center

-To ensure safe surgery, the patient is required to undergo more than 50 nationally certified comprehensive health examinations
-Botox, Filler and other simple procedures which produce instant results are also offered.

Facial Bone Surgery Consultation Rooms

-Dedicated floor for customized facial bone surgery consultation.
-Facial bone surgeons and specialists from different fields research together to determine the best surgery results.

Eyes / Nose / Breast / Body / Consultation Rooms

-Dedicated floor for facial surgery, breast surgery and body contouring surgery consultations.
-The best professional medical teams work together to produce the best results.

Operating room

-Operating rooms with international infection control standards are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
and advanced emergency systems.
-Under strict safety management, the surgery is carried out with the patient being in the best possible condition.


-We have resident nurses who have experience working at intensive-care units of university hospitals,
who are in the ward 24/7 to help patients recover quickly.
-The hospital room is equipped with a TV to help you relax and recover comfortably.

ID Dental Clinic

-ID’s “Haruan Clinic” where Lamination, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Implants etc. can be done in one day only.
-Orthodontics center coordinates with Orthognathic Surgery Center for post-operative teeth correction.

Lobby / Cafe

-It is the waiting area before patients go to the each floor or consultation floor
-Café with a professional barista, and ID PLA Cosmetics are available for sale.

Treatment room

-Post-operation treatment, care and follow-up check-ups are provided here.
-For quick recovery, professional care programs are provided here.