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Bambi Eyelid Surgery

Bambi Eye Surgery in Korea

Ptosis Correction + Canthoplasty
Bigger and Brighter Eyes!

What is Bambi Eyelid surgery in Korea?

Bambi surgery in Korea is for the eyes that require multiple surgeries including Ptosis correction, Epicanthoplasty, Lateral canthoplasty, and Lateral hotz canthoplasty. The top of the eyes as well as up, down, left, and right by all possible surgical operation to achieve the desired size and shape.
You can create beautiful and charming eyes through Bambi Eye surgery.

eyelid surgery before and after

Surgical Methods of Bambi Eye Surgery

eyelid surgery in Korea
Enlarge the length and width of eyes

Ptosis correction + Overall canthoplasty

(Epicanthoplasty, Lateral Canthoplasty, Lateral-hotz Canthoplasty)

Transformation process for small, sleepy eyes

type eyelid surgery in Korea

Benefits of Bambi Eyelid Surgery

  1. Big and defined eyes:Improve the eye size from every angle
  2. Customized surgery:Customized surgery considering the eye ratio and location of pupils.
  3. Almost no risk for recurrence:No risk for recurrence or revision surgery
  4. Minimized scars:Minimal incision resulting in almost no scars
  5. Quick recovery:Fast recovery almost no bruising or swelling


Upgrade the size of eyes

Create ideal size and shape of eyes using ptosis correction and canthoplasty.


Create almond shaped eyes

Create charming almond shaped eyes with consideration of eyes movement and pupils’ ratio.

eyelid surgery in Korea

Almond shaped eyes

The natural horizontal long eye crease like almond shape.


No risk for unraveling

The knots are securely tightened on several points for eyelid. Create clear crease from the beginning of eyes to the end.


Canthoplasty with no re-attachment

There has been many cases of reattachment with simply cutting the skin for canthoplasty. However, ID Hospital makes an incision inward to the conjunctiva and remove the tissues so no risk for reattachment.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos