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Cheekbone Reduction

Voluminous face after cheekbone reduction

Baby Face Cheekbone Reduction

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Beauty Solution

Cheekbone reduction surgery doesn’t just

change the size of your cheekbones

What’s the point of cheekbone reduction if there is no facial volume?
You don’t need to worry at ID hospital!
We reduce and tighten it at the same time, so you can become more beautiful and younger looking.
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It’s different from the generic
cheekbone reduction.

Front cheekbone filler, acculift and
other procedures – all at once!

No need to worry about loss
of volume or sagging.

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There are many cases where
cheekbone reduction doesn’t
make much difference because of
loss of facial volume.

At ID hospital you can still your keep
facial volume while also
getting your cheekbone reduced
so you can become more

id Hospital


ID hospital, certified by the
Korean Ministry of Health and
Welfare, provides safe
anesthesia test with the most
experienced and qualified facial
bone surgeons.

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Cheekbone surgery method Maximum cheekbone reduction + volume + lifting all at once

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Skin tightening technique helps you achieve more volume and a defined facial line.
Slimmer result in any angle!


Important points of how ID Baby Face Cheekbone reduction creates a beautiful MID LINE We have a different method of face bone surgery

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Compared to the generic L osteotomy, there is more
MMP reduction and movement resulting in maximum cheekbone reduction effect

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Osteotomy on the higher point of the cheekbone reduces more width of the cheekbones by moving it inward

* MMP : the most protruded part of the cheekbones.
* L osteotomy : only 45-90 degree lateral reduction (osteotomy of lower part of the separating point between orbital bone and cheekbone)
* High-L osteotomy : 30-90 degree wide area reduction resulting in maximum effect of smaller face(osteotomy of upper part of the separating point between orbital bone and cheekbone)


Beautiful MID LINE creating points of ID Baby Face Cheekbone ReductionInner lifting technique that creates defined facial lines

id Hospital
sagging prevention and lifting effect at the same time

Baby Face Cheekbone Reduction’s lifting effect is
bound to be different from the generic method.
The incised skin is tightened from inside.

A voluminous front cheekbone is perfected
through a high quality lifting technique that
fixes the MID LINE through reduction of cheekbone.

Non-sagging MID LINE perfected
through reduction of cheekbones and skin lifting

id Hospital

We provide consultations daily,
so we understand what your concerns are.

1 Your protruded cheekbones is a daily concern

2 You want to look younger just with cheekbone reduction

3 You want to change your look without additional surgeries or procedures that add volume to the front cheekbones

4 You worry about surgical risks or minimal reduction effect

5 You plan to get lifting and cheekbone reduction separately

Advantages of Baby Face Cheekbone Reduction

Facial volume
and symmetry
at the same

Cheekbone reduction,

front cheekbone

volume and lifting at once

Small and
celebrity face

Dramatically improved

facial definition only

with cheekbone


examination, safe

Accredited by the

Korean Ministry of

Health and Welfare,

ID hospital provides

not only safe surgery,

but also a safe

anesthesia system


In-house translators
for 11 languages

available to prevent

any miscommunication

and inconvenience

for foreign patients

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 ½ hours


General Anesthesia


1 night

Removal of stitches

About 2 weeks later

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos