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Medical Staff

Introducing Our Doctors

The medical staff at id Hospital have vast and diverse experience
as surgeons who have professionally performed plastic surgeries
in Korea’s top university hospitals.

Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Sang hoon Park

Sang hoon Park photo
Sang hoon Park M.D., Ph.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Won Seok Hyon

Won Seok Hyon photo
Won Seok Hyon M.D., Ph.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Ji Hyuck Lee

Ji Hyuck Lee photo
Ji Hyuck Lee M.D., M.S. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Young tae Seo

Young tae Seo photo
Young tae Seo M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Il hwan Kim

Il hwan Kim photo
Il hwan Kim M.D., Ph.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

In seok Hwang

In seok Hwang photo
In seok Hwang M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Tae sung Lee

Tae sung Lee photo
Tae sung Lee M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Ju yong Kwon

Ju yong Kwon photo
Ju yong Kwon M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Chi young Bang

Chi young Bang photo
Chi young Bang M.D., Ph.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Jae ho Choi

Jae ho Choi photo
Jae ho Choi M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Seung il Oh

Seung il Oh photo
Seung il Oh M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Eun jin Yang

Eun jin Yang photo
Eun jin Yang M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Kyung min Lee

Kyung min Lee photo
Kyung min Lee M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

In seok Shin

In seok Shin photo
In seok Shin M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Min suk Kang

Min suk Kang photo
Min suk Kang M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Woo seok Jang

Woo seok Jang photo
Woo seok jang M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Hui chang Jeon

Hui chang Jeon photo
Hui chang Jeon M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Ji eun Jung

Ji eun Jung photo
Ji eun Jung M.D. Board-certified Plastic Surgeon

Board-certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon / Board-Certified Orthodontist

Seung min Lee

Seung min Lee photo
Seung min Lee M.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Kwan joo Lee

Kwan joo Lee photo
Kwan joo Lee M.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Ji yeon Nam

Ji yeon Nam photo
Ji yeon Nam M.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Yong in Jhee

Yong in Jhee photo
Yong in Jhee M.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Ji hye Song

Ji hye Song photo
Ji hye Song M.D.S. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Hyo jin Kim

Hyo jin Kim photo
Hyo jin Kim M.D.S. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Ji yeon Lee

Ji yeon Lee photo
Ji yeon Lee D.D.S. Ph.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Yang gu Lee

Yang gu Lee photo
Yang gu Lee D.D.S. Ph.D. Board-Certified Orthodontist

Seok jae Lee

Seok jae Lee photo
Seok jae Lee M.D., Ph.D. Board-Certified Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Board-Certified ENT Specialist / Board-certified Internist / Petit Center

Gun myeong Ma

Gun myeong Ma photo
Gun myeong Ma M.D. Petit Center

Seong jun Yun

Seong jun Yun photo
Seong jun Yun M.D. Petit Center

So young Lee

So young Lee photo
So young Lee M.D. Board-Certified ENT Specialist

Kyung jin Oh

Kyung jin Oh photo
Kyung jin Oh M.D. Board-certified Internist

Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Sung ae Lee

Sung ae Lee photo
Sung ae Lee M.D. Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Hye jin Lee

Hye jin Lee photo
Hye jin Lee M.D. Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Hyeon gyeong Bae

Hyeon gyeong Bae photo
Hyeon gyeong Bae M.D. Ph.D. Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Saet byeol Choi

Saet byeol Choi photo
Saet byeol Choi M.D. Board-certified Anesthesiologist

Board-certified Dermatologist & Board-certified Family Physician

Hyon chong Kim

Hyon chong Kim photo
Hyon chong Kim M.D. Board-certified Family Physician

Woo seok Jeong

Woo seok Jeong photo
Woo seok Jeong M.D. Board-certified Dermatologist

Sung hun Moon

Sung hun Moon photo
Sung hun Moon M.D. Board-certified Dermatologist

Mi ra Lee

Mi ra Lee photo
Mi ra Lee M.D. Board-certified Family Physician

Jong ik Hwang

Jong ik Hwang photo
Jong ik Hwang M.D. Board-certified Dermatologist