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  • Middle-age Under Eye Fat Re-positioning

Middle-age Under Eye Fat Re-positioning

Middle-age Under Eye
Fat Re-positioning

Removing unattractive
bulging fat bags under eyes to
create bright, gleaming, young-looking eyes!

What is Middle-age Under Eye Fat repositioning?

As you get older, your fat tissues in the under eye areas get thinner which causes saggy lower eyelids. Bulging fat under eyes make you look old, and the shadows under eyes can bring out tired look as well. In such cases, a simple fat removal under eyes can fix them if it’s just a problem of saggy fat. If you have a bulging fat under eyes with sunken lachrymal groove, it can be fixed through Middle-age Under Eye Fat Repositioning.

Removal of fat under eyes

Operated when only the fat under eyes is bulging

Reposition of fat under mid-age eyes

Operated to bulging fat under eyes + sunken lacrimal groove

Lower blepharoplasty

Operated to bulging fat under eyes + sunken lacrimal groove + severely droopy and saggy skin under eyes

Surgical procedures of Mid-age Under Eye Fat Repositioning

Before surgery
Minimal incision
After Surgery

STEP 1:Design the surgical areas by detailed consultation with plastic surgeon prior to surgery

STEP 2:Minimal incisions are made in the inner part of eyes

STEP 3:Correct eyes through under eyes fat repositioning

STEP 4:Younger eyes are created after about a week

Benefits of Middle-age Under Eye Fat Relocation

One !

Formation of youthful eyes!

Under eye area should be bright without shadows for a younger and attractive look. Middle-age Under Eye Fat Reposition removes bulging fat and fills up the sunken lachrymal groove with fat, getting rid of what causes shadows under eyes. As a result, it not only gives you a brighter image but also creates youthful eyes.


Semi-permanent effect and no recurrence!

If the fat under eyes is repositioned above the periosteum under the muscle, tissue elasticity decreases and the fat might bulge again over time. id Hospital repositions the fat in the most firm area under the periosteum, allowing for a semi-permanent effect without any recurrence after a time.


No scars left!

Since incisions are made on the periosteum behind the eyelids, any visible marks of incisions or scars will be left on the skin.


Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches


Recovery time

2~3 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos