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Vlogic for Total Anti-aging that provides firmness and volume

What is id Vlogic?

Vlogic for a slimmer faceline, whitening, improving wrinkles and hydrating and firm skin
will turn back the clock on your face’s age.
Total anti-aging

Main features of id Vlogic

Improvement in achieving a slimmer face line with 100% satisfaction
from clinical testing attendants achieve your smooth and firmed face line today.

Your Hidden Face Line

Volume and Firmness care VLogic
PLLA, Decorinyl(Peptide), is an dual functional line
which perfects dimensional and face line firming as
this is combined with VLC which is composed of extracts
such as Apricot tree flower extracts.
You can experience the reliable and proven systematic
clinical tests results for dimensional firming solutions right now.
Filling up the skin to give volume!

Firming active ingredient PLLA will give volume.

Improves the skin’s elasticity!

Combined ingredients will help with the elasticity of skin to become smooth and firm.

Lights up the skin tone!

Natural ingredient from fermentation will lift dark and dull faces into becoming bright.

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Fills the skin’s firmness with plumpness. Skin loses the energy to regenerate collagens on its own as external stress weakens the skin. PLLA is the ingredient to help with dryness and loss of elasticity in skin so as to help it become hydrated and plumped.

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Improves the skin’s elasticity as smooth and firm Decorinyl is enriched with an amino acid complex ingredient that helps firmness-lacking skin to be uniformly and densely packed with suppleness. Improves skin to become hydrated and flexible by delivering moisture and nutrients simultaneously to dry and dull skin

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Apricot Tree Flower extracts

Lightens up the skin tone with glowing Apricot tree flower extract, which is an ingredient that comes from fermenting the apricot tree flowers and this lightens up the dull skin tones and evens out the unevenness in the face. Caring for the skin to become clear and pure as the fermented method processed small particles of effective properties and allows them to be delivered to the skin.

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Improve skin to look voluminous Volufiline is an ingredient that comes from extracting the roots of a perennial plant that belongs to the Liliaceae family and helps with skin’s elasticity improvement. This will make volume-lacking skin to become plumped by supplying elasticity

*Provided information only pertains to the nature of the ingredients