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Safe Anesthesia System

Safe Anesthesia System

Putting patient’s safety as the first priority, id Hospital is operating specialized Anesthesia & Pain Management Center.

Center Introduction

Stationed 24 hours and be responsible for our patients’ safety
id Hospital’s Safe Anesthesia System

For the safety of our patients, our board-certified anesthesiologists stay with patients throughout the entire surgery process, from before surgery to full recovery after surgery. Moreover, with our high-tech equipment that can monitor patients’ condition, we provide safe environment throughout the entire surgery process with a thorough safety control.

Optimized Anesthesia System

Specialized board-certified anesthesiologists are stationed to monitor our patients’ health condition from before to after surgery. Along with that, one-on-one patient care for anesthesia during surgery is ready as anesthesia system.

Safe Surgery Management

Prior to entering the surgery room, we use air shower system used in university hospital for sterilization by 99.9%. With central control system, we check all patients’ condition for multiple times during surgery, and you will have safe surgery.

Prior to Surgery

Selection of anesthesia drug through consultation before surgery to assess the condition of our patient

As everyone’s face is different, patients’ condition might differ as well. We assess our patient’s condition to select appropriate anesthesia drug for more safe surgery.

During Surgery

Usage of anesthesia preparation room

A lot of people get nervous and afraid before surgery, and id Hospital is using anesthesia preparation room for those such people. In the room, patients meet their anesthesia specialists and nurses for their surgery, and they go into sleep after everything is prepared.

One-on-one anesthesia control during surgery

An anesthesia specialist is fully in charge of assessing the patient’s condition from preparation room before surgery, as well as during and after surgery to recovery room, taking the responsibility of ensuring the patient’s safety.

After Surgery

Recovery room after surgery

At id Hospital, a separate recovery room in surgery room is ready and operated. Professional nurses for recovery room from intensive care unit fully monitor the patient on one-on-one basis until the patient’s condition is stabilized. After full recovery, the patient is moved to a ward.

Spatial and comfortable ward

In the wards built with fireproof construction, personal computer and entertainment facilities are prepared to give you much more comfortable environment for rest and recovery.

Rounds of anesthesia specialists

Our anesthesiologists are doing their best in making rounds after surgery to check the patients’ condition and take away any inconvenience.