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V3 Lift

V3 Lift

Scientific lift
that makes your forget your age

What is V3 Lift?

It is a new technological lift surgery created by ID, excellent for improving stretched chin, saggy cheeks, and deep wrinkles formed throughout the years. Unlike other traditional lifting, it completes V-line that stays slim and elastic even after you are aged since it lifts your skin, fat, and muscle simultaneously.
Without cutting bone out, it resolves the root problems of hindering V-line at once, enabling the most ideal face line for any type of jaw line.


V3 Lift tightens loose skin, removes unnecessary fat, and slims muscle down, creates a V-line without cutting your bone out.
Forget traditional lifting that only lifts the skin with less effect!
Exhaustive lifting!
Simultaneous improvements in skin, fat, and muscle are the core technology of V3 Lift for creating a perfect V-line.

1. Approval

Certified by US FDA, the only approved thread for holding facial tissue among dissolvable PDO threads in Korea

2. Safety

Has been used for over 30 years in heart surgeries

3. Lifting power

Assured pulling strength with a spiral pattern down the thread that resembles the thorns of a rose

4. Enhances Collagen Production

Blue Roes thread has been proved itself for increasing the formation of collagen around the inserted area, improving skin elasticity

Benefits of V3 Lifting

1. Total V-Line transformation without cutting bone!

It not only lifts the skin on the saggy area and facial flab that make your jaw look squared, but it also lifts the skin, muscle, and fat at the same time through a tight V-lift to help you find the ideal V-line.

2. Premium aftercare for maximizing results!

If you receive a direct stimulation from various machines after surgery, it maximizes lifting effect, activates fat breakdown, and prevents reduced muscle from building up. 1-month regular post operational care rather than a one-time care, professionally taking care to increase lifting effect over time.

3. Know-how of golden ratio at ID Hospital specialized in facial contouring!

With clinical experiences through over 5,000 cases of facial contouring surgery, ideal face line can be achieved through rich experience and knowhow will provide you a reliable and beautiful result.

Benefits of V3 lift

  1. V-line can be created without cutting bone
  2. Resolving the issue of fat, muscle, and skin at once
  3. Visible effect right after the surgery
  4. Increasing skin elasticity over time
  5. Back to daily routine without scars or pain

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1~2 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos