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Male Cheekbone Reduction

Keeping man’s line

MAN’s Cheekbone Surgery

Soft, but also manly.
Satisfaction felt every day with a small and sharp face

That is how man’s cheekbone surgery is proceeded.

S / E / S

id Hospital
Maximum reduction to slim
 With id’s know-how the
most protruding part is
reduced to create three-
dimensional face
id Hospital
Skin tightening
 Tighten the tissue that
connects skin with
cheekbones for non-sagging
smooth connection
id Hospital
No bone gap
 The cheekbones are
completely fixed with a total
fixation method.


High L cheekbone reduction & Generic cheekbone reduction

Maximum slim reduction
The maximum reduction of the most protruding area
id Hospital
id Hospital
Compared to the generic L osteotomy, there is more MMP reduction and movement resulting in maximum cheekbone reduction effect
* MMP : the most protruded part of the cheekbones.

Osteotomy is performed in a diagonal angle

Osteotomy on the higher point of
the cheekbone reduces more width
of the cheekbones
by moving it inward
id Hospital

id High-L osteotomy

id Hospital
id Hospital

Generic L osteotomy

id Hospital
Even if the under eye bones are developed it can be improved!!
If you need cheekbone and under eyes bones
improvement at once the bone can be shaved
through conjuctiva to achieve slim line from any angle
TC Cheekbone surgery
TC Cheekbone surgery, which shaves the bones
under the eyes, is a difficult procedure. Only
trained specialists with clinical experience can
perform this surgery.
*TC: TransConjunctival approach
*It will be conducted if necessary after face-to-face
consultation depending on the face structure.
id Hospital

Performing surgery according to each
individual type of cheekbones

Maximum cheekbone slimming effect!


Non-sagging cheekbone elasticity

Skin tightening!
Non-sagging tightening of
the tissue that connects cheekbones and skin.
No worries about sagging in id Hospital!
The maximum reduction of the cheekbones and
tightening of the tissue that connects the
cheekbone to the skin creates a smooth line
without worrying about sagging.
id Hospital


id Hospital

ZERO bone gap

Stable from deep inside the bone
Cheekbones are completely fixed with
a total fixation method.
Perfect result with no side effects
ID’s know-how for a perfect
bone fixation after
osteotomy that prevents
bone gap
id Hospital

Man’s cheekbone reduction advantages

Slim line at
any angle

Slim face from any angle
while maintaining the
masculinity of men

A desired effect
at once

Ideal male cheekbones
completed by medical staff
with 23 years of clinical

Safe anesthesia system
and comprehensive
medical examination

ID hospital, certified by the
Korean Ministry of Health and
Welfare, not only performs safe
surgery, but also has safe
anesthesia system.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

40 min – 1 hour


General anesthesia


Not required

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.