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Body slimming

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What is body slimming center?

New concept of body care which has never existed elsewhere before.
Perfect for you, tired of endless diets.

Perfect treatment of edema, chronic inflammation, and cellulite, which cannot be resolved simply by exercise!

id Body Slimming Center Program

Rapid and strong effect based on research
and analysis of slimming big data
Advanced slimming program for both silhouette
and elasticity of body in a reasonable package

Quatro Fit

Perfect treatment of edema, chronic inflammation, and cellulite,
which cannot be resolved simply by exercise!

  • id Hospital Effective for the cellulites and fats of the lower body, caused by chronic inflammation and circulatory disturbance
  • id Hospital Destructs fats and cellulites with the optimum combination of device, time, and energy
  • id Hospital Revitalizes collagen by fitted high-frequency energy, resulting in complete slim body with resilient skin
id Hospital

Body Fit

Natural and healthy slimming by normalizing metabolism

  • id Hospital Customized program considering individual physical condition and type
  • id Hospital Treats the cause of extra flab due to edema and cellulites by improving circulatory disturbance of the body
  • id Hospital Destructs fats to bring about healthy and natural slimming without yoyo-effect
id Hospital

Slim Fit Injection

Do you want to know the secret of girl group body shapes?

  • id Hospital From fat remodeling, melting, to destruction! Super-strong multi injection to destroy fat cells in three stages
  • id Hospital Improves cellulites which is not easily removed simply by exercising, along with the skin elasticity effects by
    high-frequency waves
  • id Hospital The best recipe made by rich clinical experiences, techniques, and analysis of slimming big data
id Hospital

Effects of id Body Slimming

Synergy Patch
Fat pre-heating & re-modeling
id Hospital

Local obesity from fats can be improved by high-frequency treatment. Synergy patch using the high-frequency heat energy normalizes circulation of the body while pre-heating fats for stronger and faster destruction. In addition, destroyed fat cells are discharged from the body through the blood and lymphatic vessels.

Shock Wave 01
Relieves Chronic inflammation & edema & Readjusts body form
id Hospital

Fibrous tissues tightly adhered to the body causes edema and chronic inflammation. Such edema and chronic inflammation left without treatment leads to the change of body shape, such as rounded shoulders or bowed legs, as well as extra flab or overweight in the lower body. Shock wave treatment is proceeded by rubbing(massaging) the skin surface of the part you wish to improve. Through shock wave, chronic inflammation and edema improves and firmly knotted fibrous tissues loosen and normalize. It is effective in readjusting body forms.

Fitted High-Frequency wave
Destructs fats & Provides elasticity
id Hospital

Fat cells are destroyed by penetrating heat energy into the fat layer of the skin of the part where you wish to reduce extra flab. Fitted High-Frequency wave of id slimming center selectively destroys only fat cells and stimulates collagen and elastic fiber in the skin during the process of delivering high-frequency. Therefore, elasticity of skinand body improves while you lose your fats.

Shock Wave 02
Improves circulation & cellulite
id Hospital

Cellulite is a form of fat, adhered tightly to each other for a long time due to circulatory disturbances. It creates orange peel-like skin surface, and cannot be resolved simply by exercise: it requires proper treatment. Rubbing shock waves on skin surface where cellulites are formed is a very effective way to reduce cellulites. You can feel the natural decrease in size after shock wave treatment, which helps circulation of the body.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local Anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

Immediately after procedure

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos