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Breast Augmentation After Delivery

Breast Augmentation
After Delivery

Back to the voluminous, firm breasts of your youth!
Recovery project for saggy breasts

What is Breast Augmentation After Delivery?


Unlike normal breast augmentation, id’s breast augmentation after delivery recovers breasts with saggy skin, lost elasticity and volume back to original.
It lifts breasts with saggy muscle, and id dual plane 2, which is for resolving the cause of sagginess, lifts saggy breasts to bring back your natural, firm, and round breasts.

Surgical Method. 1

Breast lifting with Dual Plane Method

Upper side of implant under breast muscle!

Implant sticks close the breast muscle, and it is lifted along with the muscle, pulling up the mammary gland tissue and breast fat!

Lower implant under pectoralis major!

Since there’s no muscle that pulls down, it doesn’t get saggy.

Surgical method. 2

Fixing the cause of sagginess through incision under crease

Improves stretched mammary gland tissue
Removes excessive fat cells
Corrects the shape of breast without elasticity
Recovers satisfying volume

Benefits of Breast Augmentation After Delivery

1. Id Dual Plane 2 is surgical method, an upgraded version of Dual Plane 1
Lifts up saggy breasts for more elasticity


2. Detailed analysis of upper breast slope
Solving sagginess and sunken part on upper breast


Benefits of Breast Augmentation After Delivery

01 Back to beautiful breasts before delivery through multiple improvements

02 Great texture, just like natural breasts

03 Very low chances of asymmetry

04 Very low chances of capsular contracture

05 Almost no scars and pain

Surgery Information

Surgery time

1 hour


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

Not required

Recovery time

3~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

Before and After Photos