id after care system

Good After Care Center

ID Hospital provides professional and systemized post operation
care program for your healthy recovery and beautiful “after”.

Good After ID

Good After Introduction

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‘Good After ID’

Good After care center is a first specialized and patient oriented center that provides
systemized post surgery care treatments for safe, healthy recovery and beautiful “after”.
We offer multilingual translation services (English/ Thai/ Chinese/ Japanese/ Mongolian/ Arabic/Vietnamese/Indonesian/Spanish/Russian) to prevent any communication
inconvenience for our foreign patients during their recovery period.
ID Hospital goes beyond post operation treatments and recovery to the new level of patients
mind follow-up care and beauty maintenance.
We expand "after care" concept to increase surgery satisfaction.

Good After Care Zone

Good After Care Zone

Premium post operation care in a high-class Care Zone.
Intensive Recovery – Intensive Care Center – Boost Up Care Center
provide patient-oriented care programs in a grand After Care Zone.



From surgery to recovery!
4 days intensive recovery solution for faster recovery.
4 specialists from plastic surgery, dermatology, internal medicine and family physicians
departments individually take care of 1 patient to ensure quick healing process.

4 days intensive recovery program

  • 1회차
    Right after surgery

    Skin care recovery program provides skin moisturizing, nutrition and soothing, as well as body waste products excretion care and blood vessel strengthening. It relaxes damaged skin, reduces swelling and pain.

  • 2회차
    1 day after surgery

    By using deswelling injections and oxygen therapies it is possible to melt fat tissues and stimulate blood circulation. Intracellular nutrition helps to speed up wound healing and relieve pain.

  • 3회차
    2 days after surgery

    The blood circulation recovery injections supply the nutrients and energy sources that were lost during the surgery and restore the circulatory function in the body improving natural healing power. Effective device therapies such as ice therapy, gold mask and etc. relieve sensitive skin soreness and swelling.

  • 4회차
    14 days after surgery

    Effective program for cleansing, wound healing, pain relief and deswelling to improve blood circulation, vasodilation and enhance blood flow rate.

*Program may differ depending on the surgery.

Post Operation Home Care

Post Operation Home Care

Here is a self-care method that you can use after discharging from “Good After Care Zone”.
Regular home care helps to speed up deswelling process and recovery time after the surgery.

Post Facial Plastic Surgery Home Care

  • Lymph stimulating MASSAGE

    Perform lymph stimulating massage each time you wash your face, take a shower or watch TV. Use your hands to gently massage back and forth from your neck to collar bone and collar bone to neck.

    * Stimulates blood circulation and reduces swelling

    * Effective for elimination of stagnant body fluids


    After surgery, perform relaxing stretches on your
    muscles 4 times a day every morning and evening.
    Keep in mind that immoderate stretching can rather
    be harmful so be cautious.

    * Reduces tiredness from post surgery stress

    * Effective for eliminating face swelling caused by lymph stimulation


    Use an ice pack during the first 3-4 days after getting discharged,
    and then switch to a hot pack to reduce swelling and bruising.

    Insert the hot pack in boiling water for 5 minutes,
    then wrap it with a thin towel and place it on your face.

    It’s effective for deswelling.

    We recommend you do this over 6 times a day in the morning, afternoon and evening.

    * Ice pack helps to prevent more swelling

    * Hot pack helps to reduce swelling

Breast Home Care

To assist with the implant’s motility, perform post operation massages to help implant to settle naturally.
It is recommended to start massages from 1 week pre/post surgery up to three months,
4-5 times a day in the morning and evening.
  • TYPE 01 Upper
    Place your thumb directly under the areola and while supporting your side with other fingers, lift the implant upwards. Once the thumb touches the rib, hold for 5 seconds and repeat.
  • TYPE 02 Internal
    Place your thumb directly under the areola and while supporting your side with other fingers, press chest with your palm so the implant shifts upwards. Once the thumb touches the rib, hold for 5 seconds and repeat.
  • TYPE 03 Lower
    A massage that moves the implant inwards. press the implant down to ribs with your fingers, hold for 5 seconds and repeat.
  • TYPE 04 External
    Push the joint between your fingers and palm to touch the ribs and move the implant outwards.

*Textured implants do not require a massage. We recommend you to consult with a medical staff prior to having one.