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Seven-Lock Non-incisional Method

Seven-Lock Non-incisional Method

More natural line that doesn’t unwind!

What is Seven-lock Non-incisional Method?

Non-incisional surgery uses thread suture to create double eyelids. Since it doesn’t make any skin incision, there is less scar or swelling, but it has a high chance of unwinding. id’s Seven-lock Non-incisional Method, which has maximized the effect of non-incisional surgery and improved its drawbacks, makes 7 points for creating double eyelids that do not unwind.

Seven-lock Non-incisional Method Surpasses the limits of non-incisional method

Limitations of traditional method

It tends to unwind easily since only 3~4 knots are tied to create double eyelids.
The eyelids are vague and undefined.

Seven-lock Non-incisional Method

Double eyelids are created with seven knots that do not unwind.
The eyelids are much more firm and defined than traditional method.


Benefits of Seven-lock Non-incisional Method

  1. It does not unwind after a long period of time
  2. Brighter and larger eyes with more defined eyelids
  3. Natural result
  4. Less tissue damage, minor swelling, fast recovery

What is Natural Line Adhesion Method?

Natural Line Adhesion Method creates 7 points to make double eyelids and induces a natural adhesion of the line through an upgraded method,
surpasses the limits of traditional non-incisional method that creates 3~4 knots. Therefore, it enhances the effects of 7-lock non-incisional method, inducing a natural adhesion instead of fixing the line with threads. It can give you a natural line like it’s yours.


Core Technology of Natural Line Adhesion Method

Technique 1
Natural Adhesion

Creates defined double eyelids by inducing natural adhesion between the seven-lock points that run under the eyelid.

  • The natural line adhesion on the path that threads go through lowers the chance of unraveling unlike the artificial method of fixation.
  • Since it induces adhesion between the skin and muscle under eyes, it looks natural when your eyes are open or closed.
Technique 2
Seven-Lock Non-Incisional Method

7 points of knots are tied from the head to the tail of your eyeline without making incisions, and the double eyelid lines are firmer than the ones of traditional method.

  • Double eyelids tend to unwind since there are only 3~4 knots.
  • Double eyelids look weak and undefined.

Benefits of Natural Line Adhesion Method

  1. Natural line of double eyelids
  2. Low chance of unwinding
  3. Beautiful eye lines
  4. Minimizes scar by non-incisional method
  5. Short surgery time, fast recovery

One. 2nd generation ‘Natural Line Adhesion’ makes firmer and more natural eyelids

Points only


Depends on knots only
→ Weak fixation of double eyelids


Knots + natural adhesion
→ Stronger fixation of double eyelids
May have a chance of undefined
double eyelids


Natural and defined double
eyelids through adhesion

Two. 7-lock Non-incisional Method + Natural Line Adhesion, No need to worry about unwinding. OK for revision surgery

Complements traditional non-incisional method through 7-lock non-incisional method along with natural adhesion of double eyelid lines to minimize the possibility of unwinding. Also, most people get revision surgery with incisions when it unwinds after their previous non-incisional surgery, but Natural Line Adhesion can fix the line firmer.

Traditional Non-Incisional Method

Entire line unwinds when one knot gets untied

7-lock Non-Incisional Method

7 points of knots for firmer double eyelid lines

Natural Line Adhesion

7-lock non-incisional method + natural line adhesion for double prevention effects

Three. Creating double eyelid lines in the ways you desire

Since it induces natural adhesion instead of relying on the threads, different types and shapes of double eyelids can be made including in-line, in·out-line, out-line

Four. No incisions, fast recovery

No incisions, less tissue damage, no scars or swelling. You get back to normal routine quickly.

Five. Eye surgery specialized medical team with know-how

Our experienced medical team is specialized in eye surgery.
They will analyze overall facial balance and design to create double eyelid lines that suit you.

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 1 week after

Recovery time

1 week

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

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