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Breast Lifting

Breast Lifting

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What is Breast Lifting?

Breast lifting is a common surgery for those who delivered baby and did breast feeding. Saggy breasts are defined based on the line below breasts and location of the nipple. When the nipple is located below the line, it is referred to as saggy breasts. Firm breasts slowly become saggy due to aging, pregnancy and giving birth, dieting and many more reasons. In these cases, breast lifting can change saggy breasts to firm breasts by removing fat, breast tissue and excess skin.

Self Diagnosis Method of Saggy Breasts

Saggy breasts can be determined by how low the nipples are located based on the line below breasts. For ideal breasts, nipples are located 4-5cm above the line. If nipples are located below the line, correction through surgery is suggested.

Breast Lifting Self Diagnosis Method
Grade A
Nipples are on the line or are slightly lower than the line (within 1cm).
Grade B
Nipples are 1-3 cm lower than the line, but are above undermost breast tissues.
Grade C
Severe saggy breasts where nipples are more than 3 cm lower than the line and nipples completely head to the bottom.

Surgery Methods of Breast Lifting

Breast lifting surgery considers degree of breast sagging, amount of breast tissues, and skin elasticity. Surgery method is decided based on the amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed.

Breast lifting + Breast Reduction

Lift up and Reduce the Size of Breasts

Breast Lifting
Surgery Method 01

Areola Incision Method

This method incises around the areola and removes some breast tissues.

Reduces skin and breast tissues, and moves nipples up to the wanted position. There are less scars and nerve damage.

Suitable for
mild saggy breasts

Can move nipples
to desired position

less scars and
quicker recovery
Breast lifting
Surgery Method 02

Vertical+Areola Incision Method

This method incises around the areola and 4-5cm vertically below.

This surgery method complements disadvantages of areola incision method and lollipop shaped incision method, which ensures breast tissue removal making it suitable for women with larger breasts.

Suitable for
severe saggy breasts

Can have same breasts size
even after breast lifting procedure

Less scars compared
to lollipop incision
Breast Lifting
Surgery Method 03

Lollipop Incision Method

This method incises around the areola and to the line below breasts like lollipop shaped line.

Reduces breast tissues, fat and skin and moves the nipple up. It is effective for severely saggy cases.

Suitable large and severely saggy breasts

Comparatively can reduce more amount

Can move nipples' position

Breast Lifting

It does NOT change the size but fix the saggy breasts

Breast lifting
Surgery Method 01

Vertical+Areola Incision Method

This method corrects saggy breasts by using own breast tissues, not artificial implants.

Incising around areola and vertically below, this method corrects saggy breasts and does not use implants.

Ever more natural by using own breast tissues

Solves the lack of volume of the upper breasts

Creates volume with no extra procedure

Breast Lifting + Breast Augmentation

Fix the Saggy Breasts and also INCREASE the Size

breast lifting
Surgery Method 01

Breast fold+Areola Incision Method

This method incises saggy breast and inserts  implants.

Corrects saggy breasts with breast lifting and increases breast size with implants. One can adjust the position as well. Breast fold + Areola incision method is often used.

Corrects saggy breasts and shape of breasts

Solves the lack of volume of the upper breasts

Creates naturally raised volume

Features of Breast Lifting

Features of Breast Lifting in Korea

Surgery Information

Surgery time

30 minutes ~ 1 hour


General anesthesia


Not required

Removal of stitches

About 10 days after

Recovery time

2~4 days

※ Alert: Common side effects such as bleeding and infection may occur post surgery and varies according to each patient so careful attention is needed.

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